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Relations as Vehicles for Understanding Planning from the Ground Up in Africa Garth Myers

Clifford Geertz (1983 57) once wrote that fieldwork demands that we 'see ourselves among others', and that we seek balance between ourselves and others, as well as between our theories and our empiricism. In that balance, Geertz believed, we would find 'an interpretation of the way a people live which is neither imprisoned within their mental horizons, an ethnography of witchcraft as written by a witch, nor systematically deaf to the tonalities of existence, an ethnography of witchcraft as written by a geometer'. I see that balance not only as a worthy goal for human geography fieldwork, but as a convincing reason for reasserting the value of field study to the discipline.

Conflict Management Down Under

Aboriginal thinking, most deaths were attributed to sorcery hence the name corpse trouble. Since deaths should be avenged, theoretically every death demanded another. However, as we shall see, the seeking of vengeance and counter-vengeance through feuding was generally kept in check. Disputes over women had multiple causes (jealousy, elopements, adultery, and unfulfilled betrothals) and had multiple solutions besides violence.

Socioeconomic Political Development

What is often called modern or Western civilization and abhorred by many Moslems is actually an amalgam of the teachings and findings of many cultures and religions. It is based on Greek, Egyptian, Roman, and Iraqi paganism, Judean Christian, and Islamic monotheism, medieval Moslem and Spanish literature, art, architecture, and science from many parts of the world.

Militant environmentalism

While Earth First activists appropriated deep ecology into the strongly religious, or spiritual, American environmental discourse, Nordic animal rights activists have primarily appropriated the ideas of the philosopher Peter Singer, who was one of the first to call for the liberation of animals in the 1970s. But while Singer, then as now, has developed his arguments for animal liberation from a primarily utilitarian perspective, the young activists in Sweden and Finland have frequently translated Singer's ideas into a very different kind of discursive framework (Singer 1975 Lundmark 2000). For many of the militants there is an interest in paganism and in anti-modernism as well as in animal liberation. More significantly, perhaps, an animistic set of beliefs that includes an active attempt to identify with the feelings of animals is being mobilized. When questioned, animal liberationists give voice to a kind of natural religion in which animals are imputed to have the same moral rights...

Making Amends Penis Touching and Intercourse

If a particular man was suspected of a sorcery killing, a meeting sometimes was called to determine his guilt or innocence. Two groups gathered at a particular camp. In turn, each man in the group in which the death occurred carried out the penis-touching rite with all the men of the suspect's group, but not with the suspect himself. However, in all likelihood, one man of the suspect's group refused to participate in the rite until he had a chance to deliver a speech in defense of his fellow. As his speech progressed, the defender first moved toward an elder man of his own group and

Restraint Among Nomadic Foragers

Nomadic Foragers Australia

Killers tend to flee in part accounts for this, but another reason may be due to restraint on the part of would-be avengers, a strategy that would seem to keep them out of risky situations. Alternatively, revenge is sometimes exacted through supernatural means, a very low-risk method, since it can be done from a safe distance and the target may never know that sorcery has been directed against him. Considerable patience may be required. The Netsilik, for instance, are aware that the evil spell may take a long time, sometimes As an important aside, I must comment that a focus on restraint also puts a new spin on tribal Yanomamo aggression. As among nomadic foragers, Yanomamo men minimize risks. They often take revenge through sorcery rather than by physically attacking an enemy, many disputes are handled through contests that curtail serious injury and the loss of life, raiding is undertaken in groups instead of individually, men find excuses to drop out of raiding expeditions, the...

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The more stress, the more elaborate becomes the hierarchical structure to process the environmental and economic data. This increases the distance between social classes. Decisions will be made which benefit the elite and not necessarily the individual farmer. In order to justify this an increasing mystification of the elite was needed and this was probably achieved by increasing the power of the church. As the distance between farmer and elite grows, there is a danger that management effort goes towards maintaining the hierarchy, increasing conformity and ritual. If the elite managers perform well, searching out additional resources and alternative technologies, such as that of the Innuit, this separation can work to the benefit of the society as a whole, but the elite in Greenland clung to their rituals. McGovern (1981) suggests that a society which believes that lighting more candles to St Nicholas will have a greater effect on the spring seal...

Environmentalism As Moral Crusade

Many other aspects of the climate catastrophe discourse suffer a similar distortion. For example, malaria is absent from Europe and the USA, so it is assumed that the status quo is stable and benign. As we shall see in Chapter 6, the reality that malaria was endemic on both continents and conquered only recently in human history even in Europe by human agency is ignored. 'Climate change from anthropogenic causes will bring malaria', goes the warning cry. Floods, famine, pestilence (and possibly even death of the first-born) lie ahead. All are bound to happen regardless, and each occurrence will be (and already is being) marshalled as evidence of the perils which result from the 'sin' of emitting CO2. Like all claims of miracles and witchcraft, such bringing of evidence to the 'morally ordained' theory will ultimately be undone one way or the other by science, which restores scepticism to its rightful, central place. But to the extent that sceptics can be dismissed as practising the...

Life for a Life

As mentioned, most adult deaths were attributed to sorcery. In the Aboriginal system of thought, a death must be avenged, or balanced, ideally by the death of the sorcerer. There were many A typical pattern ran like this. A dying person dreamed of a particular man and told his relatives. The person's kin then suspected that that individual, or in some cases a clan, had caused their relative's death by sorcery. They held an inquest by balancing the corpse on the heads of two squatting men. An elder tapped two inquest sticks together and asked the deceased whether the person in the dream was responsible. The corpse answered in the affirmative by falling off the two squatting men's heads. Once the inquest had revealed the identity of the guilty party or parties, the relatives of the deceased felt that they were owed a kopara debt related to this death. One option for paying the debt was for the accused murderer's clan to give a woman as a wife to a member of the dead person's clan, thus...

Siriono of Bolivia

They do not claim exclusive territories. If hunters from one band come across signs that another band is occupying a given area, the hunters abstain from hunting in the vicinity, thus respecting the rights of the first band to any game in the area. Within Siriono society, murder is almost unknown, as is sorcery, rape, and theft of nonfood items. Holmberg heard of only two killings, one in which a man killed his wife at a drinking feast and the other in which a man, in an odd-sounding incident, killed his sister, perhaps accidentally, when he threw a club at her while perched in a tree. As is typical among nomadic hunter-gatherers, if conflict becomes intense between individuals

Netsilik Inuit

Interpersonal conflicts were handled in many ways. Avoidance was practiced. Gossip and mockery were used to check deviancy. Quarreling and fighting were prevented or limited, because people feared aggressive retaliation, loss of beneficial relationships, or sorcery by an opponent. Moreover, the Netsilik utilized ritualized contests to settle disputes without bloodshed. If all else failed, the community could issue a death sentence against a person considered to be dangerously antisocial.22 duels, sorcery, toleration, and avoidance. When camp stability was endangered by individuals who disregarded these community interests, or upset the social balance by disruptive aggressive activity or by evil sorcery or insanity, the community did take action even to the extreme of execution, if it was needed. 26

Setting the Stage

The proposition that future weather could be foretold was not something that was discussed seriously at the time in polite company. In England especially, the very idea was scandalous. Predicting future weather still had not outlived its long and unsavory association with divination, medieval astrology, and witchcraft. There were laws against such things. On the Continent, where the savants jealously guarded the sciences within their conservative societies, France's preeminent astronomer and physicist, Fran ois Arago, could confidently declare in 1845 Never, no matter what may be the progress of science, will honest scientists who care for their reputation venture to predict weather.

DiY politics

One of the few books to focus upon this is McKay's (1998) DiY Culture, which brings together the reflections of a range of activists on the contemporary protest culture in the UK. This collection of pieces provides a fascinating (largely biographically based) insider account of the development of this counterculture which has a number of diverse roots in, among other things, anarchism, paganism, New Ageism and humanism. Like all life history material, sensitivity towards the subjectivity of the accounts is necessary.

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