Straight texts reusable

■ Diagram labelling/table filling. Pupils are given an unlabelled diagram (e.g. the digestive tract). They are supplied with a text or web page that explains the parts and functions. They have to label the diagram using the text. A similar activity would involve filling in a table: for example, of the functions of different digestive enzymes.

■ Note making. Our ultimate aim is that students are able to make their own sense of what they read and so are able to make their own notes with no further help from us.

TABLE 9.1 Classifying DARTs

Types of DART

Straight text

Modified text

Reusable texts

Making notes from textbook or a web page

Labelling a diagram from text

Card sort/sequencing Loop game

Texts written on or cut up and kept by pupil

Underlining or highlighting key ideas

Labelling bits of text

Cut and paste sequencing (such as Figures 9.1 and 9.2) Matching/links (such as Figure 2.4) Cloze

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