Discussion Topics

Account for the differences between the environmental, dry adiabatic and saturated adiabatic lapse rates.

What processes determine the presence of stability and instability in the troposphere?

What factors cause air to ascend/descend on small and large scales and what are the associated weather outcomes?

Maintain a record of cloud type and amount over several days and compare what you observe with the cloud cover shown for your location on satellite imagery from an appropriate website (see Appendix 4D).

Make a cross-section of terrain height and precipitation amounts at stations along a height transect in your own region/country. Use daily, monthly or annual data as available. Note also the prevailing wind direction with respect to the mountains/hills.

From national records/websites, examine the occurrence of convective systems (thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning) in your country and determine whether they are airmass storms, connected with frontal lows, or mesoscale convective systems.

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