Atmospheric instability cloud formation and precipitation processes

Learning objectives

When you have read this chapter you will:

Know the effects of vertical displacements on the temperature of unsaturated and saturated air parcels,

Know what determines atmospheric stability/instability,

Be familiar with the basic cloud types and how they form,

Understand the two main mechanisms leading to precipitation formation,

Know the basic features of thunderstorms and how lightning develops.

To understand how clouds form and precipitation occurs, we first discuss the change of temperature with height in a rising air parcel and temperature lapse rates. We then consider atmospheric stability/instability and what causes air to rise and condensation to occur. Cloud mechanisms and cloud classifications are described next, followed by a discussion of the growth of raindrops and precipitation processes, and finally thunderstorms.

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  • tahvo t
    Why is atmospheric instability essential for vertical cloud formation?
    3 years ago