devoted to training new meteorologists. All military officers entering the one-year accelerated graduate training program had to have degrees, or almost-completed degrees, in physics or mathematics. Those who had other majors were accepted as long as they had a significant background in mathematics and physics. After a year of nonstop study, graduates were shipped out to air stations and military bases around the world to provide aviation forecasts, forecasts for ships at sea, and specialized forecasts for amphibious landings. The very best students were often retained at the universities to train the next class of students. By the time training was completed in 1943, over 7,000 young men (and a handful of women) had been trained as meteorologists. In addition, the UMC directed the training of an additional 20,000 men and women as meteorological observers and technicians.

This influx of new meteorologists—there were almost 20 times as many professional meteorologists after the war as before it—would radically change the discipline. These new additions to the profession had math-


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