As a former applied meteorologist, I constantly find weather and climate fascinating. As a historian of science specializing in 20th-century atmospheric science, I find the history of scientific development in these fields to be endlessly compelling. Writing this book allowed me to indulge my interests in both the science and the history of meteorology and climatology, and for that opportunity, I am extremely grateful.

Many thanks to Greg Good for connecting me to the project editor Bill Cannon, and to Bill for asking me to write about weather and climate in the 20th century. My appreciation also to the editor Frank Darmstadt, who has steered me along and kept me on the path of careful writing; the artist Bobbi McCutcheon, who managed to decipher my primitive sketches and turn them into wonderful illustrations; and Beth Oakes for tracking down all the great photographs.

I also thank the Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which provided me a quiet space to work in and access to all the materials I needed to write while I was in residence as a postdoctoral fellow. The American Meteorological Society's Graduate Fellowship in the History of Science also funded research for parts of this book.

A huge thank you goes to my husband, Ron Doel, for his love, support, and steady encouragement.

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