The Benefits of the Iwaawwa Standard Water Audit and Performance Indicators

Advantages of the IWA/AWWA methodology can be summarized as

• The IWA/AWWA methods are structured to serve as a standard international best practice methodology and terminology for such calculations, based on the conclusions of IWA Task Forces on water losses and performance indicators.

• The IWA/AWWA methods question the desirability of the common North American practice of counting unavoidable water losses and discovered leaks and overflows as part of authorized consumption.

• A system-specific method for calculating unavoidable real losses is included.

• The IWA/AWWA method counters the deficiencies in the performance indicators most commonly used in North America—percentage of system input volume and losses per mile of mains.

• The IWA/AWWA has dropped the term unaccounted for water (UFW) in favour of nonrevenue water (NRW), because there is no internationally accepted definition of UFW, and all components of the water audit can be accounted for using the IWA/AWWA methodology.

• The IWA/AWWA methodology does not leave room for ambiguity. Every type of water use and loss has an appropriate component in the water balance it is assigned to, which assures that the results are meaningful and comparable.

• The IWA/AWWA methodology has been successfully applied in numerous countries and utilitised around the globe.

• A meaningful comparison of water audit results and performance indicators can be undertaken, independent form location, size, and operational characteristics of the water supply system.

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