It is common practice in some parts of the world to split the water network into sectors and monitor flows into and out of these sectors at night. Data about the flows into sectors provides information to be able to locate leaks faster and therefore improve leakage detection efficiency. However the introduction of sectorization involves costs in the following areas:

• One-off cost of construction of meter chambers

• Cost of meter and replacements and/or refurbishment

• Cost of data logging equipment

• Ongoing cost of data retrieval (either manual or by telemetry)

The benefit of introducing sectorization in terms of leakage will be a function of the natural rate of rise of leakage in the sector. Not all sectors will have the same rate of rise, and so again there will be a curve showing diminishing returns. Other factors affecting costs will be the environment, the complexity of the network, and the degree to which sectorization has already been established. The calculations are similar to the ones described above for pressure management and rehabilitation. They can be carried out to establish an economic breakpoint that would give the economic level of sectorization and the optimum size of sectors.

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