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The second edition of Water Loss Control has been written in the same spirit as the first edition, as a comprehensive guide to water auditing and hands-on reduction of water and revenue losses in water utility operations and management. The goal of the authors was to update the book with information on important innovations and technologies that have been developed since the first edition was released in July 2002.

Climate issues, growing populations and deteriorating water supply infrastructure are exerting unprecedented pressure on water resources throughout the world. As a result, government and regulatory bodies and water utilities are experiencing a growing awareness of the importance of accurately assessing and efficiently controlling water losses as a means to preserve water resources while facilitating growing communities. Hence raising awareness of the extent of the problem and current practices in many systems in North America and around the world is still a very important component of this book. The book covers the tools required to perform an IWA/AWWA standardized water audit both on paper and in the field. Every water utility has unique characteristics and losses and a variety of effective tools must be available in the practitioner's tool kit. This book provides valuable information for water utility managers to select the correct tools and methodology for the water and revenue losses encountered in their operations. The emphasis of the book is to promote the use of effective water loss control methods and tools as a cost-efficient means of controlling unchecked losses in water utilities. The book is suitable either as an educational tool for the inexperienced operator or as a reference manual for the more experienced operator.

A number of useful water loss publications are available to the water supply industry, however, this publication integrates ideas, techniques, methodologies and references from many international sources, making it a truly flexible and very comprehensive guide, which can be used in a variety of field situations.

Case study accounts of individual water utility experiences are an important way to communicate that a particular method or approach is feasible and has succeeded in a given setting. Referencing a case study account of a successful water loss control program is an effective way for a water utility manager to enhance his case when making a proposal for a new project or a change in rationale. It is very effective in gaining support for a proposal to provide evidence that a similar program has been carried out in an efficient and economical manner. Updates to some of the first edition case studies are included in this second edition and the authors urge interested readers to refer to the first edition accounts wherever possible. Case study accounts are included in Appendix A.

Throughout the book references are made to types of equipment, techniques and software, all of which are generally accepted in the industry. The intent of this book is not to promote one particular product, consultant, contractor or process but to promote awareness of the water loss problems encountered in the water supply industry and the innovative means to address them.

Julian Thornton Reinhard Sturm George Kunkel, P.E.

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