There are many factors such as financial constrains, infrastructure condition, skills and technologies available, cultural and political conditions all of which are influencing a utility's ability to manage water losses. However, it should be the aim of every water utility to improve the current operational practice in order to achieve higher efficiency and to be able to provide better service to the clients. A water loss control program is without doubt an excellent tool to improve efficiency and the service provided. In order to implement a water loss control program it is first necessary to understand and assess the problem through a diagnostic approach and then design and implement actions/programs to solve the problem. This principle applies to any water company in the world.

This chapter will provide an overview on the various steps and components of a water loss control program. The content is kept brief since all components of a water loss control program will be discussed in detail in following chapters. This chapter should serve as a road map for the reader to understand the general concept and steps involved in a water loss control program. Figure 5.1 depicts a road map of a water loss control program.

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