The need for drought monitoring tools for decision makers around the world is tremendous. Most of the tools discussed in this chapter have been implemented in the United States, but they have potential applications worldwide. The DM product, for example, has received a lot of attention internationally, and various regions and nations have investigated whether it is possible to develop a similar tool. A momentum is building globally for improved drought monitoring capabilities. In the United States, NOAA and the Western Governors' Association have teamed with experts from around the country to begin to develop a National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) that will not only work to improve drought monitoring techniques, but also improve how this information can be used for decision support by a wide range of decision makers. Various programs within the United Nations are promoting improved drought monitoring and planning strategies around the world. These recent developments regarding drought monitoring are encouraging and may signal that decision makers are finally interested in breaking the "hydro-illogical cycle" to reduce future drought impacts.

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