I. Introduction: History of Colorado River Basin Development 250

II. Social and Economic Contexts 254

A. Water Quantity 258

B. Water Quality 259

III. The Climatic Context 261

IV. Four Climate-Sensitive Decision Environments 264

A. International: The Border Region 264

B. Arizona and California: Interstate Issues in the Lower Basin 267

1. The Quantification Settlement

Agreement (QSA) 268

C. Native American Water Rights 269

D. Conjunctive Use and Management:

Groundwater and Surface Water in Arizona 270

V. Opportunities for Technological Interventions and Climate Science Applications 274

A. Opportunities for Application of Climatic

Information 275

VI. Present Conditions on the Colorado: Situation "Normal" = Situation "Critical" 276

VII. Conclusion 277

References 280

You are piling up a heritage of conflict and litigation over water rights for there is not sufficient water to supply the land ...

John Wesley Powell, 1893

International Irrigation Conference,

Los Angeles cited in Stegner, 1954, p. 343

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