New York City A Comprehensive but Less Renewables Focused Energy Path

Roughly the same size as London, and similarly situated as a centre of commerce and culture, New York has an even more voracious appetite for energy. Like London, energy use is expected to rise in the coming decade, along with the local population. New York and London also share a similar energy policy storyline, involving varying levels of local engagement on energy planning issues over the last three decades. Current Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration has increasingly adopted a forward-thinking approach, ending a 25-year drought when other New York City mayors dwelt on it only in times of crisis, such as in the aftermath of a blackout.

Though the range of energy initiatives currently undertaken by the city of New York is quite comprehensive, there has historically not been a coordinated strategy guiding New York's efforts. This may be changing, however, thanks to work under way on plaNYC2030, a long-term growth and sustainability plan scheduled to be released by the city in mid-2007. This plan is discussed in greater detail below.

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