£4.3 billion: the cost of London Heathrow Airport's Terminal 5. (£72 per person in the UK.)

£1.9 billion: the cost of widening 91 km of the M1 (from junction 21 to 30, figure 28.4). [yu8em5]. (£32 per person in the UK.)

100 km

Figure 28.4. The M1, from junction 21 to 30.

100 km

Figure 28.4. The M1, from junction 21 to 30.

rates of expenditure (billions per year)

£75bn/y: UK energy spend one-off items (billions) $140bn-

$46bn/y: US war on drugs

$33bn/y: perfume and makeup

£10.2bn/y: UK food not eaten £8bn/y: UK tax revenue from tobacco

£2.5bn/y: Tescoprofits« £0.012bn/y: UK renewable R&D


• £70bn: nuclear decommissioning







$60bn $50bn

£25bn: replacing Trident $40bn


£15bn: UK identity cards for all $20bn s£9bn: London 2012 Olympics £8.5bn: army barracks redevelopment $10bn

" £4.3bn: Heathrow Terminal 5

• £3.2bn: Langeled gas pipeline j£1.9bn: widening M1 motorway _£1.5bn: MOD office refurbishment

Figure 28.5. Things that run into billions. The scale down the centre has large ticks at $10 billion intervals and small ticks at $1 billion intervals.

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