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Some chapters begin with a quotation. Please don't assume that my quoting someone means that I agree with them; think of these quotes as provocations, as hypotheses to be critically assessed.

Many of the early chapters (numbered 1,2, 3,...) have longer technical chapters (A, B, C,...) associated with them. These technical chapters start on page 254.

At the end of each chapter are further notes and pointers to sources and references. I find footnote marks distracting if they litter the main text of the book, so the book has no footnote marks. If you love footnote marks, you can usefully add them - almost every substantive assertion in the text will have an associated note at the end of its chapter giving sources or further information.

The text also contains pointers to web resources. When a web-pointer is monstrously long, I've used the TinyURL service, and put the tiny code in the text like this - [yh8xse] - and the full pointer at the end of the book on page 344. yh8xse is a shorthand for a tiny URL, in this case: A complete list of all the URLs in this book is provided at http: //tinyurl. com/yh8xse.

I welcome feedback and corrections. I am aware that I sometimes make booboos, and in earlier drafts of this book some of my numbers were off by a factor of two. While I hope that the errors that remain are smaller than that, I expect to further update some of the numbers in this book as I continue to learn about sustainable energy.

How to cite this book:

David J.C. MacKay. Sustainable Energy - without the hot air.

UIT Cambridge, 2008. ISBN 978-0-9544529-3-3. Available free online from www. withouthotair. com.

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