Glossary and translations

agro-ecology the scientific basis of alternative agriculture, synonymous in some circles with collective social action on the eco-management of the natural resource base; common usage in Latin America bagasse fibre remaining after the extraction of the sugar-bearing juice from sugarcane cachaza sugarcane waste campesinos traditional, peasant, small-scale, autonomous farmers canasta basica basic state ration comercio retail trade network minorista consejos People's Councils populares industrialized farming system based on concepts of industrialization - high agriculture external inputs, high outputs, homogeneous environment and people, tending to monocropping and large-scale systems La Bodega food ration store La Libreta food ration book Las Placitas capped-price municipal markets latifundio large landed estate minifundio smallholding organic farming system that uses regenerative husbandry practices agriculture based on the principles and science of ecology; synonymous with agro-ecology, ecological, biological and biodynamic agriculture, and natural farming organoponico raised-bed, intensive urban agricultural unit tiro directo direct marketing en usufructo in perpetuity

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