List of Figures, Tables and Boxes vii

Preface and Acknowledgements xi

List of Acronyms and Glossary xiii

1. Cuba: Providing the Model for a Post-Petroleum Food System? 1

2. Post-Petroleum Food Systems: Transition and Change 11

3. Researching Cuba 43

4. The Historical Context: Cuban Agriculture and Food Systems 49 of the 20th Century

5. Life After the Crisis: The Rise of Urban Agriculture 81

6. From Dependency to Greater Self-reliance: Transformation of 93 the Cuban Food System

7. Cuban Food Production in the 1990s: A Patchwork of Approaches 135

8. Institutional Coping Strategies: Transition and Decentralization 169

9. Perspectives on the Mainstreaming of Local Organic Food Systems 197

10. Lessons for the Future: Cuba Ten Years On 225

Appendices 243

Index 251

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