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Combat Fighter System

Combat fighter is a set of rules and body techniques with regards to inflicting pain and paralyzing a human's body. It can be permanent or temporary. We are all confronted with fear at some point in life; either a person is threatening to fight us or you have to fight to achieve your goals. Hurdles are part of life; we always have to fight to overcome. This is why you need combat fighter; it involves identifying possible risk areas and analyzing environment before making a move. The move should be timely and targeting specific areas of the body to be effective. In combat fighting you don't throw a fist at any time or hit any place, the author helps clients understand aspects of when and how. It is not the formal boxing technique; combat fighter cannot help you win an MMA fight. It is about violence without rules. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

All the testing and user reviews show that Combat Fighter System is definitely legit and highly recommended.

Family Self Defense

Family Self Defence is a program which is critical in improving the security of the families through offering some fundamental techniques and methods which would help enhance self-protection. When is enrolled in the system, you will learn some key concept which includes the lazy man training method which would enable you to develops some devastating moves to enhance your safety. In addition to that, one would learn about the Vision Field Expansion, which would ensure one can make covert the senses to see what is around you. The program has been proved suitable in offering some essential tips which have improved people safety in the country. There are fundamental problems which are solved by the program, which include insecurity, risk identification, and disaster management. The product could be accessed into two primary forms, which are the eBook and video series. There is a quality guarantee of the product due to the positive reviews by the various users in the market. Read more here...

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The Patriot's Self Defense Program

THE Patriots SELF Defense Program (PSD) is a guide that teaches the user(s) the best ways to defend themselves and come out unscathed from any dangerous or life-threatening situation. It's not just a guide, it's also a program. In this program, you will learn the requisite self-defense techniques in a do-it-yourself (DIY) manner and easily imbibe these techniques by practical sessions because of how explicitly they are detailed. During this program, you will also learn the various types of violent attacks and how you can overcome them. You will also learn how to use a combat style developed for the military of a particular country to save yourself in violent situations. This course even goes into extremely life-threatening situations where guns, knives, and other forms of fatal weapons are employed. With these instances of real and deadly violence, you learn specific survival skills and techniques. You are also taught how to hit and hit hard so the attacker is left disabled or even death if it warrants it. While all these are good, the program teaches how to avoid violence in all its form and when and how to strike. It also encourages you to run away to safety when there is a chance. Read more here...

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First Strike

The first strike was created by Todd Lamb to provide the best combative moves for you to be able to defend yourself against assailants. This training has proven to be more effective than martial arts due to the fact that martial arts assume there are rules and even MMA has a handful of rules that need to be respected but the violent attackers don't follow the rules in the real world. This training is 100% guaranteed to work even if you've never thrown a punch in your life and you're terrified of getting in a fight and you studied martial arts but you are not confident you could use it in the real world. This program provides you with the combatant moves which are the effective moves you'll make use of for self-defense against violent attackers and you'll absorb these moves in a matter of days or weeks rather than through years of martial arts training and since each move is presented in a simple and easy-to-understand 3-minute video. Many users of this product have been satisfied with the results and have referred other people to it. Read more here...

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Free Self Defense Skull Knuckles

Self-defence skull knuckle is a hitting gear-shaped to fit a tool that is used for easy transportation. It is made up of sturdy material to offer force against hard hits on the head. It has strength against bulletproof objects, and this feature makes it easy to hit hard things. It can hit hard objects and result in some damage since most of the force is targeted on the items. The equipment is of high quality, which makes it a must-have tool that is essential for anyone who aims to defend themselves against unwanted danger. The product explains the crucial features by detailing the necessary components to make the material and the whole quality exceptional. It has essential elements that can help you navigate any fight with ease and serve as the best defensive mechanism. These metals' characteristic features have to be strong and heavy enough to offer the grip required to hold the whole skull. It makes it easy for the blows to be more challenging than the usual ones, making it easy for the person to emerge the winner in case of an attack. The online product is essential for anyone that aims to have the best blows and the resultant can lead to destruction depending on the force applied by the person. Read more here...

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The Evolution of Social Ecological Systems

As these populations grew more numerous, chronic warfare ensued as groups competed for the best soils and the prime spots along the river or mountain, and sought ways to recruit more members to their communities. In a world of hand-to-hand combat, having strong and numerous men to field was the top determinant of success in holding onto territory. Over time, some groups developed from single village communities into networks of communities, and chiefdoms emerged that provided some capacity to mobilize larger social units when any of their member communities was threatened. The evidence is quite substantial that, as human communities grew more successful in production, the temptation was great for other communities to take away their accumulated wealth (often in the form of grain or animals). As in the shift from HG to extensive cultivation, the shift from extensive cultivation to intensive cultivation appears to have been driven by population growth putting too much pressure on...

These huge swift creatures were the dominant carnivores of the continent for millions of years until competitors drove

Phorusrhacos Longissimus

The herd, stricken with fright, bolts in disarray as the predator bears down. The attacker fixes its attention on an old male lagging behind the fleeing animals and quickly gains on it. Although the old male runs desperately, the attacker is soon at its side. With a stunning sideswipe of its powerful left foot, it knocks the prey off balance, seizes it in its massive beak and, with swinging motions of its head, beats it on the ground until it is unconscious. Now the attacker can swallow the limp body whole an easy feat, given the creature's meter-long head and half-meter gape. Content, the gorged predator returns to its round nest of twigs in the grass nearby and resumes the incubation of two eggs the size of basketballs.

Calculating the Weather

Meteorologists focused on the whys behind the weather at the same time they worked to improve weather forecasts. Advances in aeronautics provided opportunities to gather data at higher altitudes and put pressure on meteorologists to develop upper-level forecasts critical for flight safety. Mid-decade, as war spread across Europe, accurate weather data and forecasts became vitally important to soldiers on the ground and in the air as new war fighting techniques required carefully tailored forecasts. Scientific investigations on climate change continued also, with the emphasis shifting from anthropogenic carbon dioxide to solar variations. These new efforts encouraged the adoption of mathematically rigorous scientific tools as proposed and promoted by Vilhelm Bjerknes.

Attacks on Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants have two vulnerable components the reactors themselves and the spent fuel that is stored on-site, near the reactor. The example of September 11, 2001 raises the spectre of an airplane crash into a nuclear power plant. The containment structure enclosing the plant is designed to withstand the impact of a small plane but, in most cases, not that of a large airliner. However, even if an airliner could be hijacked, a nuclear power plant is relatively difficult to hit directly because of its low height and small target area. The potential results of such an impact are being studied, but the results are classified 25, p. 42 . Nonetheless, it is likely that they would vary widely, depending on the precise point of the impact and the unpredictable good fortune the attacker might have in disabling the cooling system and breaching the reactor vessel.

Insights from Game Theory

Game theorist Robert Axelrod used computer simulations to compare sixty-two different strategies for cooperation and defection between pairs of players matched in a cyberspace tournament. With a change of terminology, cooperation can be viewed as somewhat analogous to engaging in restrained, relatively safe fighting, whereas defection can be seen as employing injurious fighting techniques. Interestingly, one strategy, called tit for tat, outperformed all the other strategies. The tit for tat strategy entails always cooperating on the first move and thereafter doing exactly what the other player did on the previous move. If the other player defects rather than cooperates, tit for tat also defects next time. If the other player then cooperates, the tit for tat strategy then also cooperates. Thus the tit for tat approach parallels in some ways the retaliator strategy from the hawk-dove simulations, which never attacks (defects) first, but responds to an attack (defection) by fighting...

Forager Aggression Costs and Benefits

For the Montagnais-Naskapi, Netsilik, and Ju 'hoansi. However, not all homicides are avenged.7 It is important to emphasize a recurring pattern among nomadic foragers When revenge is undertaken, the tendency is for family members of the victim to target the killer personally. This pattern is apparent in Ju 'hoansi homicide data. Recall that eleven out of a total of twenty-two killings were initial homicides.8 Subsequently, revenge was sought against four original killers, whereas seven killings went unavenged. During retaliation attempts, the attacks sometimes went awry, resulting in the death of an attacker or a bystander rather than (or in addition to) the original malefactor. A cross-cultural study of vengeance by Karen Ericksen and Heather Horton also reflects the pattern among nomadic foragers wherein individuals, as opposed to kin groups, engage in self-redress against killers. In a majority of the nomadic band societies (eleven of seventeen) for which information was available,...


Marine Hatchetfish

Photophores are often arranged in highly distinctive patterns which differ between closely related species and between the sexes, probably providing a means of recognition and facilitating shoaling. Some creatures can flash their lights on and off, and this may serve to confuse, alarm or dazzle attackers, or in some cases may even attract the attackers' own enemies. Luminous clouds squirted into the water, such as the luminous ink of the squid Heteroteuthis, and some worms, are presumably a means of defence, perhaps by dazzling or possibly by making attacking creatures themselves visible to their own predators. In some cases the attacker becomes coated in sticky luminous material.

Adaptive value

Observation and experiment show that predators are often more successful in capturing prey which have become separated from a shoal than from the shoal itself. Individual prey are easily pursued and taken whereas the presence of a shoal lessens the efficiency of capture. The attacker is distracted, first one and then another target is chased thus energy is wasted and time given for the prey to recover from pursuit. A shoal also possesses innumerable watchful eyes to detect the approach of a predator, with possibilities of imitation or communication within the shoal leading to evading action (Shaw, 1962).