The Fusion-Hydrogen energy system will provide the means for dramatically reducing all forms of soil, water and air pollution resulting from the extraction and use of fossil fuels. Hydrogen fuel use will stop the addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and the attendant warming of the earth. It will stop atmospheric pollution by materials responsible for acid rain. It will provide a reliable energy source with an inconsequential potential for generation of new types of pollution. The hydrogen energy carrier can be easily transported throughout the world without damage to the environment. It will provide a safe and highly reliable energy distribution system for use by all sectors of the economy. It will provide an energy distribution system that can easily match the output of the source to the needs of the energy consumer, in both time and space. The systems ability to accept reactors of virtually any size will reduce the cost of developing the fusion reactors and will shorten the time required to place the system in operation. It will provide a distribution system that can easily accommodate the energy from renewable sources, such as solar, wind and water. The Fusion-Hydrogen energy system will provide a cure for fossil fuel energy related environmental damage. It will also provide help in solving other environmental problems such as solid waste disposal and water purification (see Chapter 8). The fusion nuclear source will not increase the potential for the spread of nuclear weapons. The materials required for the energy source, lithium and deuterium have no other high value use.

Chapter 7 will describe the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel. It will show how it can be used in automobiles with current technology internal combustion engines. It will show how hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to provide advanced automobiles with excellent performance and zero pollution. It will show that aircraft and heavy industrial equipment can be converted to hydrogen.


Guide to Alternative Fuels

Guide to Alternative Fuels

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