The by-product oxygen from the Fusion-Hydrogen energy system will provide the means for dramatic reduction of pollution from solid waste. Oxygen enhanced incineration will aid in recycling materials in solid waste. Oxygen incineration will cut air pollution by reducing the potential for discharge of gas from solid waste disposal dumps. The gas discharged from the oxygen incinerator is carbon dioxide from combustion of biomass materials. Biomass derived carbon dioxide returns carbon from recently grown plants. It does not add to the fossil carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The oxygen will provide the basis for methods of reducing or eliminating pollution from wastewater. It will provide a method of cleansing lakes and rivers of the current pollution and regenerating and maintaining their natural purity. This technology will go a long way toward solving the second great challenge of the twenty first century, adequate supplies of pure water.

The Chapter 9 will probe the barriers of implementation of this type of energy system. It will be shown that the technological challenge can be managed. The implementation costs, social, political and economic problems are significant. These problems can be overcome with an aggressive commitment to preserve the earth for future generations and us.


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