Hydrogen The Optimum Fuel

"In the Simplest terms, the broad outlines of a future 'hydrogen economy' run something like this: Clean primary energy —probably solar energy in its many variations; possibly an advanced, environmentally more benign version of nuclear energy — would produce electricity to be used to split water into hydrogen as a fuel and oxygen as a valuable by product."

Peter Hoffmann, Tomorrow's ENERGY, Fuel Cells, and the prospects for a CLEANER PLANET MIT Press September 2001, ISBN 0-262-08295-0

Chapter 4 showed that despite the broad desirability of fusion as an energy source it is necessary to implement a manufactured chemical fuel for energy transport, storage and as a transportation fuel. This Chapter will be shown that hydrogen is certainly the optimum, and very likely the only, choice for the chemical fuel. The fuel use properties of hydrogen will be reviewed along with its detailed chemical and physical properties.168

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Guide to Alternative Fuels

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