Fossil Fuels Valuable Chemical Resources

The hydrocarbons from fossil fuels can be use to make products of far greater value than gasoline and fuel oil. These products affect every facet of modern life. They include things as diverse as drugs, paint, plastics, rubber, cloth, and lubricants. These alternate uses provide a strong motivation for terminating the use of hydrocarbons as fuels and preserving them for beneficial future uses.

The hosts of chemicals extracted from hydrocarbons are not available from any other source at so low a cost. For example, in many applications the chemical compounds in vegetable oils can be considered as a possible substitute for hydrocarbons extracted from petroleum. Vegetable oils cost $3.00 to $6.00 per gallon. Priced in the standard 42-gallon barrel used in pricing oil, vegetable oil is $126.00 to $252.00 per barrel. For comparison, $20 to $40 per barrel petroleum provides gasoline or heating oil for $1.00 to $2.00 per gallon. This comparison shows that for operating a car or heating a house vegetable oils can be competitive only after the world price for petroleum increases to above $126.00 per barrel. Clearly, the $20 to $40 price of the valuable chemicals in petroleum is quite low.54'55

The present price of petroleum seems high only because we have been accustomed too much lower prices. The low prices of the past and the modest prices of today are based on the cost of obtaining the oil. They contain little consideration for the future value of oil and no effort is made to count indirect costs arising from the damage caused by their use. Today the actual value of petroleum, including future value as chemical raw materials and the cost of environmental damage and destruction, may be higher than the cost of vegetable oil. We are paying only the direct recovery and delivery costs and are carrying the hidden cost forward into the future for our children to pay. Our use of hydrocarbons to provide routine energy at so low a price is much like living by withdrawing savings from the bank, quite pleasant until the deposits are exhausted.56

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Guide to Alternative Fuels

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