Fossil Fuels A Source Of International Conflict

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The author has only a nonprofessional's knowledge of international relations. Despite the lack of detailed understanding of all the elements of these interactions, it is clear that competition over access to fossil fuel resources has the potential to destabilize the world. Some areas are already finding reasons to threaten war over oil. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Iran are threatening each other over control of the Alov oil field in the middle of the Caspian Sea. 61 In near future 1.2 billion Chinese and 1 billion Indians will want energy to improve their economies. 62 They will compete with the United States, Japan and The European Union for these resources. This competition has the potential to lead to lethal confrontations. Adopting a source of energy other than fossil fuel should greatly reduce the potential for international conflict. Unfortunately, terminating the use of fossil fuels will not eliminate all International conflicts.

The proceeding paragraph was written before September 11, 2001, the day terrorist destroyed the New York City Twin towers. Fossil fuels were not the cause of their actions, but the western world's requirements for fuel from the Middle East was one of the contribution factors. The activities associated with the recovery of the Middle East oil contributed to the terrorist's anger with the western world and in particular the United States. Reducing or eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels derived from the Gulf States will assist in reducing the anger of the terrorists.

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