The Incidence Angle for Moving Surfaces

For the case of solar-concentrating collectors, some form of tracking mechanism is usually employed to enable the collector to follow the sun. This is done with varying degrees of accuracy and modes of tracking, as indicated in Figure 2.10.

Tracking systems can be classified by the mode of their motion. This can be about a single axis or about two axes (Figure 2.10a). In the case of a single-axis mode, the motion can be in various ways: east-west (Figure 2.10d), north-south (Figure 2.10c), or parallel to the earth's axis (Figure 2.10b). The following equations are derived from the general equation (2.18) and apply to planes moved, as indicated in each case. The amount of energy falling on a surface per unit area for the summer and winter solstices and the equinoxes for latitude of 35° N is investigated for each mode. This analysis has been performed with a radiation model. This is affected by the incidence angle, which is different for each mode. The type of model used here is not important, since it is used for comparison purposes only.

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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