A building has a south-facing thermal storage wall with night insulation of Rins equal to 1.52 m2-K/W, applied for 8 h. Estimate the monthly heat transfer through the wall into the indoor space with and without night insulation for the month of December. The following data are given:


From Eq. (6.50), coefficient Uk can be calculated:

k hi 2.0 8.3 The two cases are now examined separately. Without night insulation

From Eq. (6.51), we estimate the outer wall surface temperature (Uo = Uo): T — Ht (to) + (UkT_R + U0Ta)At w (Uk + Uo )At

_ 9.8 X 106 X 0.73 + (3.026 X 20 + 3.7 X 1)86,400 _ 0, ~

With night insulation

From Eq. (6.48) and by considering F = 8/24 = 0.3333,

From Eq. (6.51), we estimate the outer wall surface temperature:

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