Convection heat loss

Heat loss due to convection to ambient air is given by qc = 24 *036°° (3.1 + 4.1v)(tw - ta) = 0.0864(3.1 + 4.1v)(ti - ta) (5.26)

where qc = convection heat loss to ambient air (MJ/m2-d).

v = wind velocity at 0.3 m above outdoor pools or over the pool surface for indoor pools (m/s). tw = water temperature (°C). ta = air temperature (°C).

As can be seen from Eq. (5.26), the convective heat loss depends to a large extent on the wind velocity. During summer for outdoor pools, this may be negative, and in fact, the pool will gain heat by convection from the air.

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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