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The UN Cairo Population Agreement

Although there is an international consensus that improving reproductive health and family planning has positive economic, social, and environmental effects, a few fundamentalist countries, along with the Vatican, have been able to slow down progress toward many of the Cairo goals. Some of the Cairo opponents are against family planning in general for religious reasons, others are opposed to abortion, others want to limit sexual education, some are opposed to free speech about reproductive health topics, and others fear coercion by family planning providers. Although these countries constitute a very small minority in terms of their number and relative population size, the bureaucratic structure and political realities within the UN system give them disproportionate power. A parallel situation exists in the U.S. Congress, where a handful of House members opposed to family planning assistance, domestic and international, have been able to block or weaken population-related legislation...

Diseases Transmitted Via Body Fluids

These are the diseases of close personal contact, either thriving in conditions of poor hygiene, or in the most intimate contact of all - by sexual intercourse. They are, therefore, social diseases, determined by the habits and attitude of people and it is only by effecting change in these values that any permanent improvement will occur.

Incubation period days

Control and prevention Treatment should be commenced as soon as the diagnosis has been made, the patient being advised to refrain from sexual intercourse and close contact with others until all lesions have healed. Other methods of control are the same as for syphilis and gonorrhoea above.

Nongonococcal Urethritis NGU

Clinical features A low-grade urethritis with mucoid rather than purulent discharge in the male, in which intracellular diplococci are not found in the smear, suggests NGU. Infection is a low-grade discharge in the female or is often asymptomatic so that a reservoir of infection can occur if simultaneous treatment to both sexual partners is not given. Sterility in women can result if the infection is not treated. In areas where gono-coccal urethritis is common, the prevalence of NGU is also high so treatment should be given for both conditions. Transmission is by sexual intercourse. C. trachomatis and T. vaginalis are risk factors for HIV infection in the female.

Public Health Malpractice

Until October 2002, a fact sheet on the CDC website included information on proper condom use, the effectiveness of different types of condoms, and studies showing that condom education does not promote sexual activity. This information has been replaced with a document that emphasizes condom failure rates and the effectiveness of ab-stinence.53 The surest way to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted disease STD is to abstain from sexual intercourse. . . . No protective method is 100 percent effective, and condom use cannot guarantee absolute protection against any STD.

Playing Politics With Public Health

It is bad enough that the Bush administration is sanctioning gross distortions and wholesale misinformation. From a purely economic standpoint, the inescapable conclusion is that the Bush administration is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into programs whose efficacy is dubious at best. To date, no abstinence-only education program has been shown to have had any sustainable positive effect on teen pregnancy, sexual activity, or sexually transmitted disease. In the most comprehensive analysis of teen pregnancy prevention programs, researchers found that the few rigorous studies of abstinence-only curricula that have been completed to date do not show any overall effect on sexual behavior or contraceptive use. 36 Even worse, of course, is the troubling likelihood that abstinence-only programs actually increase health risks. In 2002, for instance, Columbia University researchers reported that while programs that encourage participants to pledge to remain virgins until marriage did...

Abstaining from the Truth on Abstinence and AIDS

Plan B consists of two doses of hormones, in pill form that, if taken within seventy-two hours after unprotected sexual intercourse, can pre tween the ages of fourteen and sixteen was consistent with the ratio at which that age group engaged in sexual intercourse relative to the broader population.10

Incubation period weeks

Occurrence and distribution Mainly in the tropical regions of the world, especially in southern India and Irian Jaya Papua New Guinea and amongst the aboriginal people of Australia. It is less commonly found in Africa and people of African origin, such as in the Caribbean and the northern part of South America. It is a disease of the sexually active 20-40-year age group, in males more than females, but children under 5 years also contract the disease (presumably from contact with their parents).


A meta-analysis that examined the challenging behavior of individuals with ID did not find a significant relationship between aggression and the degree of ID 90 . Aggressive acts appear to be learned behaviors that are maintained by psychological, medical, and social factors therefore, treatment must be appropriately modified to address the antecedents of each individual's behavior 92 . Research examining pharmacological interventions is limited, but there is some evidence that antipsychotics (e.g. risperidone) may reduce aggression in children and adults 93 . Effective psychosocial strategies include anger management, stress reduction, relaxation exercises, learning appropriate coping methods, and improving communication skills 94 . Poor emotional control and social incompetence also appear to be risk factors for acts of sexual aggression 95 . Nezu and colleagues 96 designed Project STOP, an outpatient treatment for men at risk for sex-offending behavior. The program employs CBT...

Venereal Syphilis

Transmission Syphilis is transmitted by direct contact with an infectious lesion or its discharge during sexual intercourse. Transmission can also occur congenitally or from blood transfusion if the donor is in the early stages of syphilis. Kissing can more rarely transmit the spirochete. Health education should start at school, encouraging delay of first sexual experience and the benefits of a monogamous relationship. Programmes should also be targeted at high-risk groups, such as miners, truck drivers and the commercial sex industry, encouraging safe sex and the use of condoms. The likelihood of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) is proportional to the number of sexual partners.


While most individuals with SBM receive instruction in sex education at school, relatively few are provided instruction specific to SBM 39, 40 . Women appear more likely to receive SBM-related information about sexuality and reproduction than men 40 . In an Australian sample, 95 of adolescents and adults reported inadequate knowledge about sexual and reproductive health pertaining to their SBM, suggesting that education in sexuality and reproduction specific to SBM is an unmet need in many individuals with this condition 41 . Predictably, the desire for intimate relationships and sexual contact is high among adolescents and adults with SBM, but their sexual activity appears to be delayed 39 . Only 60 of the Australian sample had dated, though nearly all expressed an interest in having a boyfriend girlfriend 41 . Sexual activity decreases with SBM severity, being significantly more common in individuals with lumbar and sacral lesions, and much less likely among those with hydrocephalus...

All in the Family

Any worry about unexpectedly expecting. The procedure is not entirely painless, I can assure you. But one day of minor pain gives a lifetime of freedom. In Iran the government set up a program sponsoring vasectomies for married men. A little education to allay their fears, free surgery, and the men were happy. Now we can have sex whenever we want, said one. It has worked in Iran in just a decade, the vasectomies, combined with government-provided contraceptives, cut the population growth rate in half.

Health Worries

Within the gay community and later the entire singles generation of the 1980s and 1990s, sexual-behavior modification took hold fast and the term safe sex'' entered the vocabulary of the times. In the United States and Western Europe, especially among the gay community, which was at the highest risk, these cultural and behavioral changes began to take effect. The number of new cases climbed rapidly until 1993, when the United States epidemic reached its peak. Since then, there has been a strong decrease in the number of new cases, followed by a plateau and even the hint of a new upward trend most recently. Some experts ascribe this possible halt in progress in lowering AIDS incidence to a growing sense of complacency among high-risk groups. Figure 2-5 shows the general downward trend in new AIDS cases in the United States.

Family Planning

At the simplest level, there clearly is a need to extend birth control services in societies that still have rapid population growth. So one solution might seem to be simply ensuring that contraceptive materials and services are available to all sexually active human beings. That was how family planning assistance began back in the 1960s with the establishment of programs to provide the information and means for birth control in developing nations. Before long, though, it became apparent that simply providing contraceptives did not always have much effect on high birthrates. Some societies quickly took advantage of the services their birthrates dropped, and in most cases they experienced success in their economic development efforts. In some other societies, by contrast, family planning programs seemed to make little difference in birthrates, and progress in development was uneven at best.

What of the future

This was only ever true of the Cantonese, of whom other Chinese say that they eat anything with four legs except a table A visit to a large food market in Guangzhou (Canton) is likely to confirm this, because there is a veritable menagerie of caged animals and birds awaiting the pot. Superstitions can be indulged if they are harmless but not if they threaten endangered species. Those ageing Chinese men worried about their flagging sexual performance who are wealthy enough to buy powdered rhinoceros horn or tiger bone can certainly afford Viagra.

Siriono of Bolivia

Women have about the same privileges as men, and both sexes engage in about the same amount of work. Women take part in drinking feasts and ceremonies. Both women and men enjoy active sex lives. While lying naked in their hammocks, husband and wife are frequently observed fondling each other, and if desire mounts to a sufficient pitch (if, for instance, a man begins to feel an erection), the couple may retire to the bush for immediate sexual intercourse. 8 The Siriono say of a person in whom sexual desire is aroused that he is ecimbasi. To be ecimbasi is all right when sexual activity is confined to intercourse with one's real spouse, and occasionally with one's potential spouses, but one who takes flagrant advantage of his sex rights over potential spouses to the neglect of his real spouses is accused of being ecimbasi in the sense of being promiscuous. Such accusations not infrequently lead to fights and quarrels.12 ( O.K., but first sexual intercourse ). She replied, ti, manedi...


Abortion is a difficult issue for most people, and most people probably would prefer to see safe and effective contraception widely available to, and used by, all sexually active individuals. If this were to happen, the abortion controversy, perhaps the biggest source of ethical dispute in our society today, could go away. That is certainly our view. It was expressed once by Bill Clinton as I want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.

Hepatitis B HBV

Transmission can occur from blood, serum, saliva and seminal fluid. It is a hazard of blood transfusions, renal dialysis, injections and tattooing. It can be transmitted by sexual intercourse and during delivery. The virus has been found in some blood-sucking insects (e.g. bed bugs), but transmission by this means has not been shown to occur.


Principle specify answers to three key issues the threshold information that would trigger the principle the role of costs and how regulators should incorporate whatever information exists about the probability of catastrophe. We would not want to take infinitely burdensome steps to prevent worst-case scenarios, even when they are potentially catastrophic. After the attacks of 9 11, no one seriously suggested a one-year moratorium on all air travel within the United States, even though the Catastrophic Harm Precautionary Principle might seem to require that step. No one thinks we should respond to the risk of avian flu by banning international air travel. After the outbreak of AIDS, many people took precautions, but most of them did not cease sexual activity altogether.

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