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The environmental effects of power generation

Power stations have a physical presence in the environment. Some people will consider this a visual intrusion. Most make noises, another source of irritation. There are electromagnetic fields associated with the passage of alternating currents through power cables. A power plant needs maintaining, servicing and often needs providing with fuel. That will generate traffic.

Knowledge Management Technologies and Portal Services

Knowledge management technologies were quickly assembled into more user-friendly whole products- or knowledge-oriented ASP portals. These portals took many of the features of knowledge and content management, and combined them with powerful search engines and intuitive, customizable Web interfaces. Portals that have emerged include the following varieties

Understanding What Non Governmental Organizations Do

If you enter either global warming or climate change, and then non-governmental organization, into a search engine on the Web, you get thousands of hits, listing countless groups. The sheer quantity of NGOs might seem excessive after all, aren't they all working for the same goal

Misconception fast gases

Brownian motion This is best viewed by the whole class using a microscope video camera attached to your data projector. Individual observations of smoke under a microscope by pupils is notoriously difficult to achieve (Driver 1983) so putting 'Brown-ian motion video' into a search engine will quickly give you a web version.

Slipping through the cracks Radon

The good news is that, most of the time, radon infiltration can be contained rather easily. Two solutions exist You can stop it from getting into the house, or you can dilute it once it gets in. When fresh air is imposed into a radon-contaminated region, the levels go down immediately. For ways to restrict radon entry, consult a professional or see Chapter 7 on sealing your home. You can also search the Internet for solutions. Enter radon contamination into your search engine. At the very least, if you have a radon-contaminated basement, seal the doorway between the basement and the ground floor of your home. This is a good idea in general, as you will also be preventing other airborne biological agents (keep reading) from entering your living area.

What Is Ecological Thinking

The poet William Blake could see the world in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour. He was pointing to a sense of the wholeness of things which has been eroded by the development of the modern world view. We have almost completely lost our intimacy with the natural world. When I ask students basic questions about their surroundings - weather patterns, the kind of soil, the phase of the moon - answers to which would be commonplace among pre-modern societies, their first impulse is to do a Google search to find the answers. Do I want them to become hunter-gatherers No. Biophilia does not mean technophobia. Nor do I mark students down if they are afraid of snakes. But I am concerned that while we teach our students to become literate in reading human language, they may remain illiterate in reading in the language of the world about us.

Traffic Impacts Analysis

Traffic volume data on state, county, and local roads in and around a proposed wind energy project site should be available from the state or county. Subsequent to the on-site traffic evaluation, a transportation engineer visits the proposed wind energy project site to confirm the analysis. In addition, after completion of the on-site traffic evaluation, the transportation engineer meets with local and state regulatory agencies to begin consultation about the proposed project.

Online options

There are plenty of carbon calculators available online. There is also wide variation between their usefulness and capabilities. Often this is because they are measuring different parameters. Some, for example, factor in only a few possible culprits, like cars, aircraft and household energy use. Others cast their nets wider, covering household waste or leisure interests as well. Enter climate footprint into a well-known search engine, and it comes up with a range of answers which are possibly not exactly what you are looking for. The first, from the highly-reputable World Resources Institute turns out to be a carbon footprint calculator - not as comprehensive as you may be wanting if you are going to assess your entire GHG emissions, although it does offer you the chance to use it even if you do not live in North America. More appealing at first sight is the Lifestyle Climate Footprint Calculator from the University of California's Berkeley Institute of the Environment. But this, too,...

The Weather Stick

Long before Europeans came to North America, Native Americans in the region now known as New England discovered that the branches of certain trees bent in one direction in fair weather, and in the opposite direction in foul weather. These branches, measuring about 30 cm (1 ft) long, were de-barked, mounted in plain sight, and used as weather-forecasting instruments. They can still be obtained today under names such as Maine Weather Stick. You can find some of these for sale on the Internet by entering weather stick into any search engine.

Study Industry Trend

Insider information is illegal, and I have to advise you against it, but getting to know that particular information when it breaks as a news item on radio, television, newspapers, or the Internet is perfectly legal. So keep up with news. In other words, do your homework the Internet, especially search engines like Google and Yahoo, will be your biggest asset. Get some basic understanding of securities law, especially Regulation FD. That rule, available to the public for free by simply going to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) web site, deals with everything that can be known about a company without being an insider.5 In the energy sector, perhaps the best time to invest is now. You can invest as an individual, by yourself, or you can use a money manager it doesn't matter because you still have to keep track of your investments. The next question is whether to invest in a small company or a big one, and whether to invest in a high or low stock price. I would say,...

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The Free SEO Report

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