The world is made of more than carbon

Mainstream environmental groups fixate on reducing carbon emissions above all environmental and social issues, predictably paving the way for the onslaught of false solutions we find ourselves up against. This shallow line of thinking is what has given birth to the nuclear "renaissance", offsetting, agrofuels, geo-engineering and other destructive technologies. Most major environmental groups have at their best remained silent on these issues, and at worst have been their chief advocates.

No, we're not all in this together

Governments, NGOs, and corporations alike promote the idea that "we are all in this together" as if rich and poor share equal responsibility for the climate crisis and face equal consequences. It conveniently redistributes the blame from the rich, where it belongs, onto all people of the world. And it also promotes the notion that we will all suffer from climate change equally, which we know to not be true. This of course has allowed rich nations to conveniently deny their dominant role in perpetuating the climate crisis, while refusing to do anything until poor countries reduce their emissions.

The Global North is responsible for the lion's share of historical emissions, and responsibility falls on

",.,in '08, we volunteered for campaigns, filled polling booth lines, and rocked the political establishment." —Energy Action Coalition our shoulders to make the deep cuts needed and pay for the damages we have caused. Poor communities, indigenous peoples, subsistence farmers, and all those fighting for climate justice do not share the same interests or responsibilities of the global elite. Climate change will affect us all, but we are not all in this together.

Politicians, the other false solution to climate change

Large, primarily DC based environmental groups' obsessions with electoral politics and lobbying has been detrimental to building grassroots movements for climate justice. Our political system has been corrupted beyond repair by corporate interests. There is hardly a politician in DC who is not in the pocket of one industry or another. When push comes to shove, politicians will side with their corporate donors, and it is those corporations who are killing the planet. Yet despite all evidence to the contrary, mainstream groups tell us if we just vote for the right candidate and keep writing our representatives, they will eventually listen.

Are we really "rocking the political establishment" by inviting politicians like Nancy Pelosi to speak at our conferences or begging Obama to go to Copenhagen, knowing full well his "mandate" is so weak the rest of the world would laugh if the climate crisis were not so deadly serious? Are campaigns like "Powervote" building our movement, or the Democratic Party?

Look at what a self-described progressive president, with the largest Democratic majority in congress in a generation have gotten us: The war in Iraq continues. The war in Afghanistan is escalating. Healthcare reform is a giant handout to the private insurance industry. Deportation raids on immigrant communities continue. The War on Terror is bleeding into Pakistan and Yemen. Did we mention that Senate Democratic leaders have stated they won't even try to bring climate change legislation to a vote in 2010?

We are supposed to drop grassroots campaigning every time there is an election to achieve this!? A movement locked in orbit around election cycles is doomed to start from scratch every 2-4 years. Social movements should not be beholden to the pendulum swings of electoral politics and instead should focus on building a movement powerful enough to achieve the gains we need no matter who is in power.

Instead of building an opposition movement many NGOs have chosen to curry favor with politicians in exchange for a few crumbs of influence.

Far from challenging the political system these NGOs have by and large become an appendage of it.

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming."-Pablo Neruda

X he totality of the climatc crisis is what makes it so utterly terrifying — yet also whai gives us hope. Never has ii been so clear that we cannoi settle for half measures and petty reforms. If we do noi stop burning fossil fuels and destroying ecosystems, mucl of humanity and million; of other species will perish Politicians can offer 10 per cent cuts here, a few a billion dollars there, but we all know these offers are our deatl sentences. Averting ecological meltdown demands uncompromising action.

The change we need will noi come from those who seel to represent us: politicians corporations, and top-down NGOs. We will only avert cata strophic climate change when people stand together and figh back This means getting organized in our communities tc directly disrupt the corporate assault on our planet as well a! creating sustainable lifeways.

It is time to match our actions with the severity of the climate crisis. The climate movement needs to shift gears from what has been a largely symbolic movement to one that is directly disrupting destructive industries. Symbolic actions have and will continue to play an important role in getting our message out and shifting the terms of the debate. But we cannot win with a grassroots public relations campaign alone. The clock is ticking.

Wfe can't block a coal plant for a couple hours and hand ourselves over to the police once we are satisfied that the media has picked up the story. Our movement needs to judge its progress not by how many media hits our action got nor how many people read our blogs, but by how many power plants we've put out of business and how many people get their food from neighborhood gardens instead of grocery stores.

To achieve this we need a global movement of movements based around core principles of climate justice, building power from below, direct action and solidarity.

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