The Lost Ways 2 Review

The Lost Ways 2

Natural calamities don’t come banging our doors. They just come, wipe out entire towns and cities, and then recede like they never existed. But despite all the odds nature has thrown at us through the course of our history, we have still survived, thanks to the resilience of our ancestors and their immutable ways.

Unfortunately, those ways are lost to time and we—the modern men—have gotten used to the so-called modern ways that don’t prepare us for the worse. On top of that, our reliance on central government authorities has made us look at them when there’s no one to help. In worst cases, these very authorities lag in providing for us.

But things don’t have to be the way they are right now. After the successful debut of The Lost Ways, The Lost Ways 2 brings you plenty of survival techniques that are lost to time.

What is The Lost Way 2?

Written by Claude Davis, The Lost Ways 2 is a book of wonder. It has plenty of survival techniques that will make any average person survive calamities and unprecedented events. Not only this, the book can make you self-sufficient even if there is no devastating event.

The techniques provided in the book are not ordinary, but their basics are. Through the course of time, our ancestors had been using them to survive harsh climates, earthquakes, diseases, and every hardship without spending anything. They had been using them to get going without anyone’s help.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in the book. 

  • Discovered in the Andes mountains, the preparation of a superfood that helped the Incan civilization survive the drought. This food and its preparation method have been kept as a secret by the NASA scientists, mind you.
  • Two other superfoods that are unknown to the likes of NASA, FEMA, CIA, FBI and whatnot. One of them had let people survive the Great Depression, while the other one was developed by two samurais to sustain the hardships of war and strife.
  • The skill of utilizing wild plants for your benefit. So, when the times are right, you use them as an alternative to mainstream medicine. Even, you can use them instead of them in your normal life. The recipes stated therein have zero side effects and are entirely effective.
    Summarily, you’ll learn to identify different useful plant species, be taught about 3 plants that old Cherokee Indian taught Claude Davis, know about the use of naturally occurring antibiotics found near you, and use a very common tree in stopping bleeding and infections. The skill of making a log house. The methods described by the author are indigenous and very easy to follow. In no time, you’ll enjoy making a house of your own in times of peril or when you are out there hunting or getting a taste of the wild.

This is not it. You’ll also

  • Discover ways in which Wild West hunted deer and tanned their hides without any chemicals. With this, you’ll get familiar with preservation methods of different parts of the animal and their usage in making useful products from a needle to a knife.
  • Get the knowledge of digging wells without much effort and money. This could help you stay hydrated even when others don’t find any water.
  • Learn to build a charcoal kiln and rediscover methods of using charcoal to create a water filter, charcoal pills, and gas masks.

Why this book?

As you saw the contents, you must have had an idea about the benefits of all of the knowledge it cradles.

  • You will become all-in-all in everything needed for survival.
  • You will never rely on anyone for anything.
  • You will make the necessary arrangements for your family in a time of need.
  • You will reap the calmness of the sense of achievement.

The benefits of having The Lost Ways 2 at your disposal do not end here. And with the following two bonuses, these benefits are augmented and even more are added.


You will get two bonuses dubbed as reports on two self-sufficient homestead. These are

  1. How to Become Self-Sufficient On 4 Acres Of Land?

From building storage spaces, filtering rainwater, to preserving food, this report contains everything on self-sufficiency following ancient ways of sustainability.

  1. What Do You Need to Have Ready Before An EMP?

EMP is not far away. You could see an EMP war anytime soon. While some would think otherwise, what we think is that you need to prepare for it beforehand. There are 43 definite things you’ll learn in this report that will protect you from the imminent threat.

Since the two reports are bonuses, you won’t have to pay even a single dime.

It is proven that nature selects the best. Our race has survived till now because nature selected our ancestors who, in turn, had selected and evolved survival techniques. These techniques are brought to you by Claude Davis exclusively in The Lost Ways 2. Grab it now if you want to be the ultimate survivor.

The Lost Ways 2
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