Rallus Cf R Limicola

REFERRED MATERIAL Proximal right humerus, DMNH 30202.

provenance Location 1347, Generator Dome (PC-8).

DESCRIPTION This specimen compares well in characters to specimens of Rallus limicola from Florida examined at FLMNH but is slightly more robust in size. No specimens of this rail from more northern regions of North America were available for comparison. R. limicola is a common resident in Colorado in wet meadows and marshes in mountain parks and other regions.


REFERRED MATERIAL Right tarsometatarsus missing proximal end, DMNH 30205.

provenance Location 1349, Mark's Sink (PC-10).

DESCRIPTION The specimen also compares closely to Rallus limicola in size and features; however, the posterior proximal border of the middle trochlea is more pointed in Porzana and DMNH 30205 and more rounded and blunt in Rallus.

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