Order Piciformes Family Picidae


REFERRED MATERIAL Distal mandibular symphysis, DMNH 30080.

provenance Location 1349, Velvet Room, Mark's Sink.

DESCRIPTION This specimen is referred to Picoides, and not Colaptes, by its relatively longer symphysis (short in Co-laptes). In addition, Melanerpes has a shallower symphysis than Picoides; in Sphyrapicus, the proximal opening to a middle canal in the symphysis is more open and excavated than in Picoides. The fossil is recognized as P. villosus by its similarity in symphyseal length and breadth (much broader in P. tridacty-lus, broader and longer in P. arcticus, smaller in P. pubescens).


REFERRED MATERIAL Distal right humerus, DMNH 30205; left ulna, DMNH 30205; distal left ulna, DMNH 30077; proximal left carpometacarpus, DMNH 30205; distal left car-pometacarpus, DMNH 43321; two distal right tarsometatarsi, DMNH 30203 and 41145.

PROVENANCE 30077, 30203, and 30205: Location 1349, Mark's Sink (PC-10); 41145: Location 1349, Mark's Sink, level 16; 43321: Location 1349, Mark's Sink.

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