Nonnatricine Colubridae

diagnosis AND REMARKS The 10 vertebrae assigned to non-Natricine Colubridae (figure 11.6) are trunk vertebrae that lack a hypapophysis; instead they possess a prominent hemal keel, which terminates as a blunt process ventral to the anterior margin of the condyle. Paralymphatic channels in non-Natricine Colubridae are weakly developed relative to those of natricines. It is likely that at least two species of non-Natricine colubrids are present in the Porcupine Cave sample. UCMP 399993 is a large, relatively robust vertebra, resembling in its general appearance a vertebra of an adult stout-bodied snake such as Pituophis. UCMP 399972 is a smaller, more gracile element, more dorsoventrally compressed and similar in general appearance to Lampropeltis. In the absence of diagnostic characters for these specimens, generic allocations are not made for either.

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