Genus Indeterminate

A single specimen (UCMP 399995) of an isolated, broken den-tary has relatively slender, weakly tricuspid teeth and a shallow dental gutter with an open Meckelian groove (figure 11.3).

Genus Barn
FIGURE 11.3. UCMP 399995; left dentary referred to Phrynosomatidae shown in lateral (top) and medial (bottom) views. Scale bar = 4 mm.
Precloacal Vertebra
FIGURE 11.4. Porcupine Cave specimens referred to Viperidae. Left pair (CMNH 65500; anterior precloacal vertebra) and right pair (DMNH 27893; precloacal vertebra) shown in anterior (top) and left lateral (bottom) views. Scale bar = 5 mm.

It lacks the diagnostic morphology of Phrynosoma, and so it constitutes a second phrynosomatid taxon from the cave. The specimen resembles Sceloporus undulatus (which is currently found in Park County and is known to range as high as 2805 m elevation; Hammerson, 1999), but there are no diagnostic features of this element that permit definitive identification even to genus.

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