DMNH Velvet Room Excavation

The DMNH Velvet Room excavation is a stratified sequence excavated as described in chapter 2. Horizons are designated by letter, with A the highest and deeper horizons progressing through the alphabet. The sediments of horizons A-C are very similar to those of levels 1-3 of the CM Velvet Room excavation (chapter 2). All sediments are unconsolidated. The brown clays that intermittently characterize Pit levels below level 3 were not observed in the Velvet Room. However, DMNH Velvet Room horizons below C generally contain more clasts than horizons A-C (see figure 2.11).

The magnetostratigraphy of the site is described in chapter 6. The uppermost horizons are normally magnetized down to horizon C. Horizons D-I demonstrate reversed polarity. The Brunhes-Matuyama boundary at 780 Ka therefore appears to be located near the transition from horizon C to horizon D.

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