Discussion and Conclusions

At least 7, and possibly 10 (see the descriptions of Hypolagus spp. and Aztlanolagus spp.), species of Leporidae are herein identified from the DMNH Velvet Room sites. Of these, three are still found in the vicinity, three (possibly six) are extinct, and two have current distributions that do not include the South Park area of Colorado. All species were identified from the mixed strata of Mark's Sink. Table 15.1 gives the distribution of identified species through DMNH Velvet Room 644. Figure 15.2 shows the temporal distribution elsewhere.

Based on the information in table 15.1 and figure 15.2, horizon G and below in DMNH 644 could be as old as 1 Ma because Hypolagus is present. However, chapter 7 discusses the possibility of an upward range extension for Hypolagus. Aztlanola-gus suggests an age of at least 850 Ka for horizons D-F. Only the lagomorphs identified as extant species occur above horizon D. These data are consistent with other biostratigraphic information.

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