Collection Protocols

Collections housed at the CM and UCMP are split samples of the same test excavations that took place primarily in 1985, 1986, and 1987. Initially fossils were collected from the surface. As the surface was depleted of fossils, trowels and trenching shovels were used to excavate a volume of approximately 0.5 m3. Fossils were carefully removed as they were uncovered, but no data were recorded about depth below surface, given the nature of the deposits, which made such information meaningless in terms of time relationships. Because screen

table 2.1

Names and Locality Numbers of Major Vertebrate Fossil Sites of Porcupine Cave


Designation in Synonymous

Figure 2.3 Institutional Numbers

Comments and Approximate Age

Badger Room

Badger Room Dome Come-A-Long Room Cramped Quarters

Crystal Room

Damp Room Ferret Room

Fissure Dump Pile Fissure Fill A

Fissure Fill B Generator Dome Gypsum Room

Gypsum Room

SE Corner KU Dig 3 KU Dig 1

Memorial Day Room New Passage

Tobacco Road (=DMNH Camel Locality) Trailside Entrance (=Trailside Cave)

10 11 12

14A 14B

Not shown in figure 2.3. Occurs on trail about 100 m north of adit entrance.

0 0

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