Collection Protocols

This site is a crevice in the cliff located approximately 100 m north of the mine adit that now forms the entrance to the cave. The geometry of the cliff face relative to the cave suggests that this crevice at some time may have opened into the cave. It contains an amberat-stained wood rat midden, the Trailside Nest, that yielded the radiocarbon date reported in Barnosky and Rasmussen (1988) and noted in table 2.1. In June 1989, Don Rasmussen excavated at the north base of the crevice. Beneath sticks and wood rat scat, a black layer of dirt was found, then a whitish layer, and below that a consolidated reddish layer. From the reddish layer came a camel metapodial (CMNH 75512) and several rodent bones.

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