Collection Protocols

Most fossils were collected from the surface. In 1988 CM crews established a 1 x 1-m test excavation in the southwest corner of the room, which was approximately 0.9 m deep and consisted of four stratigraphic levels. Sediment from each level was wet screened as described for Fissure Fill A. Level designations appear on the field tags for this test excavation. Other material from the Gypsum Room was collected from the surface up to about 10 cm below the surface by CM crews between 1986 and 1989; these specimens have no indication of level designations on the field tags. Crews from DMNH also collected from the surface, and a KU team collected material from the Gypsum Room at a location they referred to as the "Gypsum Room Closet" (as located on figure 2.3), marked "KU#2" on the KU field map (=KU CO-121).

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