Class Mammalia Order Carnivora Family Mustelidae


REFERRED MATERIAL Velvet Room: DMNH 10967 R m1 talonid (G11, L10, F). Mark's Sink: DMNH 38867 R m1 talonid (L29, 7/97), 40264 R glenoid fossa (L19, 7/97), 40265 L p4 (L19, 7/97), 40379 L p3 (8/96), 40380 L P2 (8/96), 40381 L M1 (L26, 7/97). Will's Hole: DMNH 39565 L c. Badger Room: DMNH 22768 fragmentary R jaw with alveoli p1-4; 22769 fragmentary R jaw with alveoli p1-4; 33461 proximal L ulna. CM 49108 L jaw with p4-m1. Generator Dome: DMNH 27037 fragmentary L maxilla with alveoli P4 (L1).

DESCRIPTION AND COMMENTS The extinct fisher Martes diluviana is represented by 13 specimens from Porcupine Cave. This is the only Irvingtonian occurrence of the species in the western United States. Martes diluviana has been reported from Port Kennedy Cave, Pennsylvania (type locality);

Cumberland Cave, Maryland; Conard Fissure, Arkansas; and Hamilton Cave, West Virginia. Sexual dimorphism is evident in the measurements of p3, p4, the talonid of ml, and the depth of the mandible. Martes diluviana was probably ancestral to the extant M. pennanti, the fisher, which makes its first appearance in the late Rancholabrean and has been reported from 20 faunas.

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