Amino Acid Racemization

Relative age placements of Porcupine Cave localities derived from amino acid racemization are consistent with the biostratigraphic and paleomagnetic conclusions noted previously. Bell and Barnosky (2000) described the relative age results obtained from the Badger Room, Pit level 2, Pit level 6, and CM Velvet Room level 1. The technique suggested that Pit levels 2 and 6 and the Badger Room samples were approximately similar in age, but that CM Velvet Room level 1 was substantially younger. A sample from the Gypsum Room was intermediate in age between the Pit and CM Velvet Room samples. Absolute age derivations from amino acid racemiza-tion were inconsistent with other age data from Porcupine Cave and were deemed unreliable because assumptions for applying the technique to absolute age determinations, such as constant temperature through time, clearly did not hold.

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