Chris Jass Paleontology

We are grateful to Pat Holroyd (University of California Museum of Paleontology) and Logan Ivy (Denver Museum of Nature and Science) for their assistance and patience in facilitating loans and dealing with curatorial matters. Tom Gier-makowski (Museum of Southwestern Biology) and Cindy Ramotnik (National Biological Survey) were extremely helpful in locating voucher specimens for extant amphibians and reptiles in the vicinity of Porcupine Cave. Elaine Anderson (Denver Museum of Nature and Science) and Sandy Swift (Northern Arizona University) were instrumental in helping us locate amphibian and reptile skeletal elements among the thousands of specimens housed in the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This chapter was improved by constructive criticism on earlier drafts by A. D. Barnosky, Gabe Bever, Chris Jass, Travis LaDuc, Holly Nance, Dennis Ruez Jr., and Geraldine Swartz.


UCMP 44754 trunk vertebra; DMNH 44740-44749 caudal vertebra; DMNH 44752 trunk vertebral fragment; DMNH 44753 trunk vertebral fragment.

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