FIGURE 4.3 Generalized map of Porcupine Cave. Abbreviations: A, 1800s mine adit; B, Badger Room; C, Chessman Room; CA, Come-A-Long Room; CO, Chicken-Out Dome; CR, Crystal Room; D, Davis Room; DR, Damp Room; E, Discovery Entrance; F, Ferret Room; G, Gypsum Room; GD, Generator Dome; M, Memorial Day Room; N, New Passage; P, the Pit; S, Squat Room; T, Tobacco Road Passage; V, Velvet Room; W, White Room (lowest level of cave). (Modified from Barton, 1997.)

rooms were filled with stalactites and stalagmites, many weirdly shaped. This article is the first record of the name Porcupine Cave being used; the cave was so named because of the porcupines that occupied the adit leading to the cave. In reality Porcupine Cave is nothing like it was presented in 1925. It never became a national monument, and most of the sparse stalactites and stalagmites that were probably in existence over 75 years ago have long since disappeared. Porcupine quills and droppings were found in the adit and on the cave floor near the entrance during the 1980s.

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