Eddy Kool Van Langenberghe

I have enjoyed working with a large number of collaborators, each of whom has contributed to the concepts and data discussed in this chapter. I would like to particularly mention Marie-Jose de Smet, Roland Lageveen, Jaap Kingma, Eddy Kool van Langenberghe, Olivier Favre-Bulle, Hans Preusting, Marcel Wubbolts, Andrew Schmid, Renata Mathys, Sven Panke, Bruno Buhler, Jin Byung Park, and Andreas Schmid for their work and very enjoyable discussions regarding two-liquid-phase bioreaction systems. I am also grateful to Wouter Duetz, Jan van Beilen, Theo Smits, Zhi Li, and Dongliang Chang for all of their efforts in the search for and analysis of new substrate-strain-enzyme combinations.


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