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As well as being bypassed through informal groups and informal documents, the rules are sometimes explicitly relaxed during formal meetings in the face of practical constraints. On occasion, for example, formal plenary meetings have extended beyond their scheduled meeting time or have been held without interpretation. It should be noted that available interpretation time is limited during negotiation sessions, due to both budgetary constraints and strict regulations governing the working hours of UN interpreters. Interpreters have sometimes continued to work beyond their allotted hours, but there is no compulsion on them to do so, and the extent to which they are physically able to carry on is limited. Similarly, the no-more-than-two-meetings practice has occasionally also been relaxed during intensive bargaining and deal-making in the finales of major negotiation rounds. Relaxation of the rules is, however, often contested, notably by the G-77 and China given that developing...

Numerical Condition and DNS Procedure

Re u h V Turbulent Reynolds number u friction velocity h channel half height V Kinetic viscosity Pr D V Prandtl number D Thermal diffusivity We l u 2 V Weissenberg number l Relaxation time b Ratio of solvent contribution to the total zero-shear viscosity a Mobility factor Lx(Nx), L(N) L(N) Computational domain (or Grid Number) for stream(x), Wall-normal(y) and spanwise(z) direction, respectively Re u h V Turbulent Reynolds number u friction velocity h channel half height V Kinetic viscosity Pr D V Prandtl number D Thermal diffusivity We l u 2 V Weissenberg number l Relaxation time b Ratio of solvent contribution to the total zero-shear viscosity a Mobility factor Lx(Nx), L(N) L(N) Computational domain (or Grid Number) for stream(x), Wall-normal(y) and spanwise(z) direction, respectively

Summary and concluding remarks

This chapter has shown how the rules and informal practices for the conduct of business are focused chiefly on promoting procedural equity and transparency and, because of this, they can also imply high transaction costs. In order to increase the efficiency of the climate change negotiations, the rules are therefore applied pragmatically, and often also bypassed, through the use of informal mechanisms to which the rules do not apply (notably informal negotiating groups and informal texts). Especially in the latter stages of important negotiating rounds, it can also be tempting for the organizers of the negotiation process to seek to relax some of the rules in the face of time pressure. Developing countries typically place much more importance on upholding the rules for the conduct of business than industrialized countries, especially as regards interpretation and scheduling of meetings. This is due to their generally greater need for the procedural equity and transparency safeguarded...

Alternative Chinese policy scenarios

China already maintains effective controls over the inflow and the outflow of financial capital (see Ma and McCauley 2007). Legal inflows are primarily foreign direct investment (FDI), but they include some purchases of domestic assets, including 'B' shares on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges. Illegal inflows have evidently increased in recent years as yields have risen in China relative to the United States and as the renminbi has been allowed to appreciate against the US dollar.27 Illegal inflows notwithstanding, outflows of financial capital are substantially larger in China than inflows and they have mainly taken the form of official foreign reserve accumulation. The surplus of China's saving over its investment is, by definition, equivalent to the surplus of its exports, generally defined, over its imports. Denominated in foreign currencies, this surplus ends up in the hands of the People's Bank of China (PBC), since outward capital controls do not permit substantial foreign...

Design of the numerical experiments

The differential fields of integration by the two vegetation cover datasets (current minus potential vegetation) are used to exemplify the impacts of the change in natural vegetation, since the two simulations are identical to each other for all conditions, including the large-scale driving fields used as the initial and lateral boundary conditions, the parameters of all physical processes, except for the vegetation cover. In order to maintain the linkages between the large-scale environment and the simulated region, a relaxation scheme with ten buffer zones is applied for nesting at the lateral boundary (Wei et al. 1998).

The interplay between procedure and political will

Since Kyoto, however, the willingness of parties to accept the pragmatic application, bypassing or relaxation of rules for the conduct of business appears to have waned. Developing countries in particular have become more assertive in insisting on the no-more-than-two-meetings practice and, with the Russian Federation, on calling for the suspension of formal meetings when interpretation is no longer available. Interpretation was even requested, and in the end provided, for some meetings of the larger contact groups, notably on the flexibility mechanisms, during the post-Kyoto negotiations. At SBSTA SBI 13 in 2000, the last session in the post-Kyoto negotiations before the scheduled finale of COP 6, the Nigerian G-77 Chair repeatedly raised concerns in plenary at the lack of interpretation, paucity of translated documents, and late circulation of documents. In his opening statement, he also called (unsuccessfully) for a one hour break between each meeting and an end to the working day...

Macroeconomic Costs Of Carbon Abatement

Improving labour productivity to increasing energy efficiency. As fossil fuels will continue to be used in the foreseeable future, so carbon tax revenues will be substantial. If these revenues are recycled into reducing other economic distortions, such as employers' labour taxes (as opposed to being given back to households in a lump sum), then the net effect on macroeconomic output could be minimal or even positive (Barker 1994). The potential for positive output effects from recycling carbon taxes is theoretically contentious as some economic models deny such an effect is possible (Ligthart and Van der Ploeg 1994, Bovenberg and Goulder 1994). These negative results are usually driven by an initial assumption that the labour market clears at the given wage (i.e. there is no involuntary unemployment) and existing mixes of taxation are roughly optimal. Relaxation of these assumptions can generate models which allow recycling of tax revenue to offset completely the direct costs of...

Steps In The Development Innovation

Similarly, when accounting is done automatically in business computer systems, accounts can be broken down into smaller and smaller parts, reflecting the cost of doing business area by area, which provides management with much improved tools for managing companies. Also in this case, we have to assume that few further improvements in accounting processes can drive cost much further down. Electronic entertainment is of a later date and has been going through a revolution in the past decades - a change that is still going on. Entertainment is now available to virtually everybody every day, which is in stark contrast to the situation a hundred years ago, when a few annual festivities were the only structured opportunities for relaxation from the

Absorption of Radiation by Phytoplankton in the Upper Ocean

Surface Wind Fields

While early modeling studies all agreed that chlorophyll attenuation plays an important role in ocean physics, few direct observations had been available to confirm this. However, during the coastal transition zone field study along the California coast, Ramp et al. (1991) interpreted observations of a surface warming feature during a wind relaxation event to be caused by patchiness in the near surface chlorophyll distribution. The first notion that this biological-physical process acted on equatorial ocean regions was presented by Sathyendranath et al. (1991), who argued that chlorophyll patches were important driving mechanisms for variations in sea surface temperature. Such sea surface temperatures (SST) anomalies have been

Thermodynamic Critique Of Economics

Although during the past several decades economists have made tremendous advances in the relaxation of assumptions necessary to describe and analyze economy-environment interactions, physical interdependencies of the economic system and the environment receive attention only if they are associated with prices and costs.

Photophysics and Photochemistry

Ground State For Ru2

In general, when the excited-state is sufficiently long-lived (typically 1 ns), bi-molecular reactions in which the excited state acts as a reactant become possible. Typical reactions for quenching the excited state of Rubpy occur via one of the three following mechanisms. Schemes showing reductive and oxidative electron-transfer were shown in Fig. 6. Reaction 18 shows a third quenching mechanism known as energy transfer whereby relaxation of the 3MLCT to the ground state is coupled to

Xiaodong Gong Sherry Tao Kong Shi Li and Xin Meng

The world has witnessed China's extraordinary pace of economic change in the past three decades. Underlying China's reforms are the economic incentives and possibilities made available by a wide range of institutional changes that stimulated rapid economic growth. Since the 1990s, a most extraordinary phenomenon in China is the large-scale demographic movement induced by the relaxation of regulations that restricted labour mobility since the early years of the communist regime. While the exact size of the migrant population is debatable, official estimates suggest the number of rural migrant workers in 2005 was about 126 million (NBS 2006) amounting to the largest peace-time movement of people in world history.1

Thermodynamic Properties Surface Segregation

Thermodynamic equilibrium requires Ms mb so that surface relaxation and reconstruction are induced. Alloy surfaces have an additional degree of freedom, the composition. Thermodynamic equilibrium requires that the chemical potential of the components A and B be uniform right up to the surface,

Summary And Conclusions

To study the impact of reevaporation in a global climate model, we used a recent version of NCEP climate model and varied the parameter Rk. We made series of 47-day integrations for January and 57-day integrations for July. We find that when reevaporation is not included, the model atmosphere indeed becomes drier, with the global mean precipitable water decreasing in time. With an increase in reevaporation, the global mean precipitable water increases to reasonably acceptable values for Rk 3 to 5. Also the simulated climatology of precipitable water, precipitation rate, etc., is generally superior in this range of Rk. Further, the climate is not overly sensitive to the choice of the relaxation parameter in the range of 0.2 to 0.4, as long as the relaxation parameter and the number of cloud types invoked per time step are selected appropriately, i.e., the smaller the relaxation parameter, the more cloud types. In the limit, this should approach the original Arakawa-Schubert scheme,...

Technology And Economic Change

Similar factors were at work in the UK, still well endowed with fossil fuels but either approaching depletion or with very high costs, where 1990 was the year in which the electricity sector was privatized and Prime Minister Thatcher continued her political moves against subsidized, inefficient coal mining which had commenced with the miners' strike in the mid-1980s. Assisted by the relaxation of an EU directive limiting use of gas as a fuel for electricity generation, these factors resulted in a 'dash to gas' based on North Sea reserves. Between 1990 and 1995, 20 per cent of the fossil fuel-fired capacity in the UK was switched from coal to gas, which with modern combined cycle technology gives rise to 60 per cent lower emissions of CO2 for the same electricity output. As a result, emissions of CO2 in this sector fell by 12 per cent (Bantock and Longhurst, 1995). By 2000, Britain was generating 38 per cent of its electricity by gas, surpassing coal at 28 per cent and nuclear at 24.5...

Sensitivity In Semiprognostic Test

Before examining the sensitivity of the climate model to parameters in RAS, we will first examine their impact in a semi-prognostic context. The original version of RAS underwent both semi-prognostic tests as well as single-column prognostic tests in MS. Their results did show that although the obtained cumulus heating profile was reasonable, the cumulus drying was excessive compared to the observed estimate. This result was consistent with the result of Lord (1978) for the standard implementation of AS scheme. MS also showed that in the semi-prognostic sense, the final heating and drying profiles were not very sensitive to the value of the relaxation parameter a. In a prognostic test, or in a prediction mode, however, an appropriate choice of both the relaxation parameter and the number of cloud types per time step may be needed to achieve best results. In this section we present the results from semi-prognostic test when reevaporation of falling precipitation is also included.

Sensitivity Experiments With The Climate Model

We investigate the ability of the new climate model, with RAS, to retain moisture and how sensitive this is to quantities such as Rk in the reevaporation of falling precipitation and the relaxation parameter, a(. We also investigate the sensitivity of the overall climate to changes in these

Box Adequacy of gassupply infrastructure and risks of shortages

Recent supply problems in several markets have refocused attention on gas-supply security. The loss of US gas-production capacity through hurricane damage in 2005 resulted in a surge in prices that choked off a substantial amount of industrial demand, rebalancing the market. The high degree of interconnectivity of the North American network enabled supplies to be redirected. In the event, no customer was forced to stop using gas. But other countries that have not liberalised their gas markets to the same degree cannot rely on market forces to bring demand back into balance with supply during a crisis. In the winter of 2005 2006 , cold weather and higher-than-usual use of gas for power generation led to a surge in demand in Italy. A lack of cross-border capacity and fixed prices to most customers resulted in physical shortages that could only be addressed through plant closures through administrative decree, the temporary relaxation of environmental standards to allow fuel oil to be...

Refrence Of Sea Level Rise

Viscosity of the mantle from relaxation time spectra of isostatic adjustment. J. Geophys. Res. 73, 7089-7105. Peltier, W. R. (1985). The LAGEOS constraint on deep mantle viscosity Results from a new normal mode method for the inversion of viscoelastic relaxation spectra. J. Geophys. Res. 90, 9411-9421. Wieczerkowski, Karin, Mitrovica, Jerry X., and Wolf, Detlef. (1999). A revised relaxation-time spectrum for Fennoscandia. Geophys. J. Int. 139, 69-86, 1999.

Clear Skies Healthy Forests

Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region, press release, Top Forest Service Official in State Accepts Sierra Nevada Review Recommendation, Starts Environmental Analysis Process, March 18, 2003. Estimates of the timber harvest for the first decade under the revised plan are 448 million board feet under the original plan it was estimated at 157 million board feet. The difference results from a relaxation of the rules on the diameter of harvestable trees, from 20 inches under the original plan to 30 inches under the proposed revisions.

Our climatic inheritance

In considering sport there could be a case for extending our thinking to a more general aspect of human behaviour. This is the nature of play and games in human social and intellectual development. The Dutch philosopher, Johan Huizinga, explored this concept, before the Second World War, in his book Homo Ludens A Study of the Play Element of Culture. In this analysis play extends way beyond recreation and relaxation into the subtle nature of game playing in rationalising our surroundings and constructing models of how the world about us functions, in order to plan ahead.


A meta-analysis that examined the challenging behavior of individuals with ID did not find a significant relationship between aggression and the degree of ID 90 . Aggressive acts appear to be learned behaviors that are maintained by psychological, medical, and social factors therefore, treatment must be appropriately modified to address the antecedents of each individual's behavior 92 . Research examining pharmacological interventions is limited, but there is some evidence that antipsychotics (e.g. risperidone) may reduce aggression in children and adults 93 . Effective psychosocial strategies include anger management, stress reduction, relaxation exercises, learning appropriate coping methods, and improving communication skills 94 . Poor emotional control and social incompetence also appear to be risk factors for acts of sexual aggression 95 . Nezu and colleagues 96 designed Project STOP, an outpatient treatment for men at risk for sex-offending behavior. The program employs CBT...

Anxiety disorders

Research has shown that the intellectually disabled population may experience higher levels of anxiety following stress, which may be due in part to poor coping skills and low self-esteem 83 . Given that social interactions are often stressful for individuals with intellectual disability, interventions should focus on developing social skills and a positive self-image 80 . There is also evidence that behavioral relaxation training can be used to reduce anxiety as well as


Sunbathing is often taken to be the quintessential way of practising leisure, and the ads certainly invoke images of relaxation and passivity (reclining bodies with satisfied facial expressions 'you can enjoy the sun and achieve a wonderful tan, feeling safe and secure' 'continue to enjoy the sun' 'enjoy the sun today with no regrets tomorrow'). In an earlier discussion (Coupland and Coupland 1997 see also Urry 1990) we have shown how traditional British summertime leisure centred on 'having fun in the sun' is often invoked in newspaper representations of the weather and holiday-making. Key signifiers are ice-cream, beaches, deck-chairs, bathing, heat, inactivity and time-out. As part of this ideological set, sun-tanning, at least traditionally, was a bodily marker of having achieved summer leisure, as a short break in the working routine.


These regions of misfit to the RSL predictions of the global viscoelastic theory of postglacial sea level change not withstanding, the extent to which this global spherically symmetric theory has been successful in reconciling the vast majority of the observations is satisfying, especially because only a very small subset of the observations has been employed to tune the model's radial profile of mantle viscosity. As discussed in greater detail in Peltier (1998b), these observations consisted of the set of wavenumber-dependent relaxation times determined by McConnell (1968) as characterizing the relaxation of Fennosandia following removal of its LGM ice load (the validity of which has recently be reconfirmed by Wieczerkowski et al., 1999, as previously mentioned), a set of 23 site-specific relaxation times from locations in both Canada and Fennoscandia, and the observed nontidal rate of the acceleration of axial rotation. The VM2 viscosity model that was determined on the basis solely...

The climate system

Into a scheme recognized as global atmospheric circulation. An imposed change on the atmosphere results in a much shorter response time than that of any other climate system component. Response or relaxation time is the time it takes for a system to re-equilibrate to a new state after a small perturbation has been applied to its boundary conditions or forcing. The atmospheric response time is on the order of days to weeks and is due to its relatively large compressibility and low specific heat and density which make the atmosphere fluid and unstable (Peixoto and Oort, 1992).

The components

When studying the climate system and climate change both spatial and temporal scales are very important. Exchanges of mass, momentum and energy take place at many different spatial scales sometimes it is possible to ignore certain spatial scales and at other times not. Time is very important because changes in the energy balance and the consequent response of the climate system are time dependent. Each component of the climate system reacts to such changes on a different time-scale. The response or relaxation time is the time taken for a component of the climate system to return to equilibrium after a change in the forcing conditions.

Surface Structure

In order to minimize the free energy of a crystal the equilibrium position of surface atoms can be different from that given by the lattice periodicity of the bulk. Very often the interatomic spacing between the top atomic layers differs from that deeper in the bulk, without noticeable change in the lateral symmetry. This effect is called surface relaxation. Often it amounts to a 5-10 contraction between the first and second layer and a smaller, but measurable expansion between the second and third, and third and fourth atomic planes. In a few cases clean metal surfaces are reconstructed 54, 55 (e.g. the (100) surface of Ir, Pt, Au), that is the lateral symmetry of the surface differs from that of the bulk. Usually additional diffraction spots indicate a lowering of the symmetry. Generally the crystallographically open surfaces fcc (110), bcc (111) and (211), hcp (1010) are more susceptible to relaxation and reconstruction than the close-packed surfaces fcc (111), bcc (110) 54 . The...

Mind Body Therapy

With this underpinning, its practices believed to affect health include relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, biofeedback, yoga, reiki, visual imagery, tai chi, qigong, group support, spirituality, and prayer. Curiously enough, mind-body therapeutics views illness as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation, and its practitioners as facilitators and guides in the process. Research issues raised here questions whether emotions influence susceptibility to and severity of infectious disease, as well as rapidity of wound healing questions that remain to be answered.

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

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