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The Next Great Hire

This online course is your complete crash course on how to get your first entry-level sales job. In the field of sales, everything is based on how you perform. However, when you have no experience from the past, how are you supposed to show them that you are the right person for the job? You don't have any real way to prove that you are the person that they are looking for. Now, with this guide, you don't have to worry about that anymore. This guide teaches you what the top managers are looking for, and what you need to do to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job. This course was designed by Lauren Brasier, a college athlete who became a top New York City sales executive. All the information from this 6-part course is information that has been repeatedly tested in real-life sales examples.

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Contents: Online Course
Author: Lauren Brasier
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Purchasing this e-book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

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Social Selling Sumo Summary

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Detroits Deep and Lingering Problems

The lingering memory of poor quality from the past continues to haunt the Detroit Three. A new generation of car buyers has grown up with high-quality Asian models. Many younger Americans whose parents and grandparents were loyal to domestic brands would never consider entering a domestic-brand showroom to buy a car. As a senior editor for Automotive News said, Any auto sales executive will tell you that winning back a defector is just about the toughest sales job in the world. 35

Surveys of green building marketing

Sales vs. marketing to get sustainable design into the mainstream. At some point in the evolution of sustainable design, marketing considerations have to be supplemented with strong sales activities. Unfortunately, most design professionals are opposed to ever marketing their services. (The appropriate euphemism in the design and construction industry is business development. ) A number of my 2003 survey respondents indicated that they would never sell professional services - their idea of selling is to do a good job and hope someone notices. They are not very good at sales, in my experience, so this lack of presentation and persuasive skills presents a real barrier to more widespread adoption of sustainable design. There is of course a major cadre of sales professionals for manufacturers who somewhat make up for this gap, by selling specific hardware solutions, but they seldom influence the decision for or against general green building approaches.

Two other ways to understand innovation diffusion

In Gladwell's terminology, green building will spread most rapidly when knowledge about this approach is spread by well-connected individuals (typically senior partners at design and construction firms and leading authorities in the field) through people who widely and openly share their knowledge with others through publishing and speaking (i.e., experts whose judgment is acknowledged and trusted) and through persuaders who have the ability to tell compelling stories to others about the benefits of sustainable design. In other words, innovations finally spread when good communicators ( salespeople ) get involved. Green buildings have the first two categories in abundance, but the third in scarcity.

Preface and Acknowledgments

To quote Tom Watson, the marketing genius behind IBM's early success, Nothing happens until a sale is made. Green building designers and advocates need a firm grounding in marketing theory and contemporary marketing strategy and tactics to be effective in this rapidly changing marketplace. Conventional marketers and sales people need to understand what the green building client really wants, to be more effective in presenting green design features and sustainable strategies to this buyer.

Visions Values and Mental Models in the Energy Transformation Program

This, in its turn, needs to be translated into technology choices and into values and mental models for program and project participants. How important is it to develop cost-effective solutions, compared to technically outstanding ones In the case of the Apollo program, the goal was to develop one rocket technology, which could be used in a sequence of spacecraft, which could safely take astronauts to the Moon and bring them back. The emphasis, by necessity, was on technical excellence, rather than on cost-effectiveness. In the case of sustainable engine technologies and renewable fuels, these technologies will power vehicles for decades and the consequences of too costly solutions will influence the profitability and cost position of companies beyond the lifetime of the engineers that develop the new technologies. Therefore, values need to focus both on technical and design excellence to some degree, and on cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, the mental models of managers, engineers and...

Determining the value of an existing efficient home

You should be able to get an accurate estimate on how much a conventional home is worth from your realtor. The tricky part is determining the value of the efficiency equipment. Why Because to do so, you really have to determine two values the value to you (what you're willing to offer for the house) and what a bank will value the property at. Some banks are completely ignorant of energy efficiency and may not add any value at all for efficiency equipment, while others understand its value (see Chapter 4 for more on financial issues). i Try to get what realtors call comps the recent sales prices of comparable homes in the same local area. Gauging a home's value this way may not be completely accurate, but it's the best place to start. At the very least, you'll find out how buyers are operating. If no value seems to be placed on energy-efficiency equipment, you're in luck as a buyer (though this is bad when you're selling). i Call your homeowner's insurance agent and ask about solar...

Using a Wood Burning Stove

I Use of a wood stove may increase your fire insurance premiums. You must tell your homeowner's insurance agent that you have a stove (they'll probably ask). In many cases, they'll come to your home to inspect the installation. If things aren't as they should be, your insurance company may refuse you or give you a set amount of time to get it up to code.

Technological changes

Many green building measures, such as underfloor air distribution systems, photovoltaics, rainwater harvesting, onsite waste treatment and green roofs, are becoming mainstream technologies and are building a strong track record in design and use. As a result, these measures are gaining a strong, supportive infrastructure of salespeople and suppliers, a better cost history, an understanding of how to bid and install them, and a growing number of advocates among architects and engineers who are learning to design and specify such systems. The construction industry infrastructure is quite mature and highly complex, and it is important that green building marketers master its intricacies to get new green building designs, technologies and products into that marketplace.

The Perils of the Blame Game

In focus groups the four of us conducted in July 2006, we found that resistance to feeling personally responsible is an important factor driving denial about the human causes of global warming. The focus groups were held with moderately conservative voters in St. Louis, about half of who indicated on a form they filled out beforehand that they were skeptical that global warming was either a problem or human caused. (This mixed-gender focus group, middle-aged and up, included a manager, a teacher, a sales representative, a trucker, and a homemaker. The psychographically determined group on the basis of which the members were recruited is characterized as predominantly low-income, poorly educated southerners who are economic populists, aspirational, culturally conservative, and survival oriented and who blend a belief in active government with individual responsibility, and national pride with global consciousness.)

Creation of free farmers markets and private food businesses

Farmers were thus provided with a range of obligatory and non-obligatory outlets for their produce. They were obliged to satisfy their own needs, those of the state plan, their social responsibilities to hospitals or nurseries, and then the needs of export markets, tourism, industry and seed supply. All these commitments vied with supplying the farmers' market, and market officials checked that farmers had first met their production quotas for Acopio before permitting sales. One farm extensionist explained this 'In the future we could get a place on the farmers' market, but not this year. We have and want to meet the national demand first - through Acopio and then Frutas Selectas.' These commitments aside, anyone who worked the land could sell there, either directly or through a sales representative. This raised another problem the elimination of middle men. The state wanted to avoid or reduce speculation on basic food products, and for this reason was experimenting with concentrating...

Path Forward

There are some other steps we can take moving forward. The first step is to change green building conferences so that they're useful. Right now, they're an aggregation of consultants, architects, planners, builders, and engineers trying to get work by showcasing their projects. All participants are motivated to avoid admitting mistakes. (Can you imagine an architect getting up and saying Boy, did we screw up this building. Let me tell you about it. . . . ) Instead, conference organizers should mostly invite speakers who are willing to get into the nitty-gritty of the building process and talk about how to do it better, in the process exposing their mistakes and teaching people how to avoid them. In short, we need honest discussions, not sales jobs.

Using timers

Hot water heaters consume a lot of energy when they're on. Most of them aren't on all that much, but when they are, they gobble power up. Use a timer to turn off your hot water heater at night and during the day when you're gone. Specialty hardware stores sell special units for this purpose. The salespeople can tell you how to install them.


Weatherstripping works great around doors and windows and where seals can't be made permanent (as with caulking). The trick is to get the right stuff, and the best way to do this is to take a sample of the existing seal (if there is one) to your local hardware store, where the salespeople will be able to sell you the appropriate new material. Foam and wrapped foam (a layer of vinyl or plastic wrapped around a foam core) are usually best and cheapest. Whatever weatherstripping you buy, be sure to follow the directions on the label. Here are a few other suggestions to make weatherstripping a breeze

Energy Usage

MOST GREEN initiatives focus on the energy savings of turning off equipment when it is not needed. However, significant savings can also be realized by improving its efficiency while in full operation. Everyone hears about how computers use a lot of electricity. Statistics are cited about how some units are more efficient than others. However, what are these differences and what should someone look for in new equipment and replacement parts When salespeople chat on about new advances, what sorts of problems are they trying to solve

Virtual Team Tools

This arrangement was a big leap forward for people who traveled constantly to visit customer sites. For example, salespeople could enter orders directly into the order processing computer instead of mailing or calling them in. However, the equipment was bulky and slow. It was not suitable for working from home.

Because Its Handy

One of the biggest groups of customers looking for more compact, hassle-free living is refugees from sprawl commuters frustrated by time-wasting gridlock. A 2004 poll conducted for the National Association of Realtors and Smart Growth America found that a commute of 45 minutes or less was a top priority in deciding where to live for 79 percent of respondents. Having a large house on more than an acre of land was important to 57 percent, but, when asked to choose between a large-lot subdivision and a community with a shorter commute and amenities such as shops and restaurants within walking distance, six in ten chose the latter. Among people planning to buy a home in the next three years, 87 percent said a shorter commute was their top priority.

More than Monopoly

Who makes money every time an asset like a power plant is sold or bought, or when two utilities merge Consultants, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and the other growing members of the elite service side of the economy win. Meanwhile, the budgets for the people who operate, maintain, and manage this asset safely and reliably, inevitably shrink.

Different Mind Set

And if you ask the typical financial advisor for ideas, he'll go on for hours about what's likely to rise but will be stumped by a request for short candidates. This institutional blind spot ignores half the market, sometimes by far the better half. In 2006, for instance, a typical financial planner or stockbroker would have probably recommended a list of long positions that looked something like this

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Commercial offices

Nar Building Washington

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) headquarters building in Washington, DC, shown in Figure 5.1, is a good example of a private commercial office built to LEED Gold standards. Construction of the 46 million, 92,000 square foot (8,450 sqm) Class A building was begun in October 2002, and the building opened for business two years later. NAR occupies 44,000 square feet (4,100 sqm) on five floors of the 12-story building. By installing efficient HVAC systems and a high-performance glass curtain wall, the project uses 30 percent less energy than a standard building. The NAR also committed to purchase green power to supply 50 percent of the building's energy consumption. Innovative measures taken to extend the LEED requirements included implementing Green Tenant Improvement Guidelines to ensure that the sustainable design intent is carried out in the rented office space creating a comprehensive green housekeeping plan which requires the use of nontoxic cleaning products, recycled...

Black Hole Computers

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