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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

Premise and Scope of this Book

The techniques and dynamics that characterize this change have moved onto the stages of public policy and civic action. They articulate a nexus of not always resolved or even clearly-defined issues, yet usefully linking concerns that for too long have been thriving in splendid sectoral isolation. This segregation has been nurtured during a hundred years of growing separation between energy issues and virtually all other urban service dimensions energy systems and their supply industries, support businesses, finance arrangements and regulatory controls on the one hand and the worlds of urban planning and design, transport infrastructure, building construction, property development and civic life in general on the other. In urban-energy-based efforts across the world, community development, health and prosperity objectives loom large. In the not-too-distant past urban communities and civil society were insulated from energy questions, sheltered by the now failing model. Periodic...

Countering Propaganda With Simple Solutions

Newman, The Growth Lobby and its Absence The Relationship between the Property Development and Housing Industries and Immigration Policy in Australia and France, Swinburne University, Victoria, Australia, 2002, chapter 7, introduction, http yt58yh. Two first world countries which have functioned with growing debt since the first oil shock are Australia and the United States.

The Christman Building Lansing Michigan

Lansing Christman

The Christman building is the first building to be certified at both LEED-CS Platinum and LEED-CI Platinum levels. A renovated 1928 landmark, the Christman Building is located on a former brownfield. Over 90 percent of the former walls, roof, floors and office furnishings were reused. The 12 million project is expected to save 40,000 a year in energy costs. The Christman Company, who provided construction management, historic preservation, LEED coordination and real estate development services for the project, occupies about half of the six-story, 62,000-square-feet class A office building.

Investing in Green Buildings

In 2006 real estate investment in green buildings grew dramatically with the announcement of a joint venture by the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) to fund future commercial real estate projects by the Hines development organization. A large national real estate developer, Hines is well-known for its commitment to Energy Star and LEED certification for its buildings.80 The Hines CalPERS Green Development Fund (HCG) was capitalized with over 120 million of committed equity and, with leverage, will have the ability to invest up to 500 million. HCG will concentrate on developing high-performance, sustainable office buildings certifiable through the LEED for Core and Shell Program.

Triple Bottom Line

In the past few years, the green building movement has pushed many companies to rethink their entire approach to development, emphasizing energy efficiency and LEED ratings in their real estate offerings. Good examples of this movement abound. At the 2007 Green Cities conference in Sydney, Australia, the entire large property development industry in Australia appeared lined up behind the idea that green buildings promoted higher property values and enabled them to acquire better tenants and buyers. Late in 2006 prominent real estate consultant Charles Lockwood claimed that trillions of dollars of commercial property .around the world will become obsolete and will drop in value because green buildings are going mainstream.146

Other issues

Insurers will also be touched by climate change through government mitigation policies. Policy changes will alter the economics of energy consumption, and these effects will have subsequent impacts on energy technologies and investment returns in a wide range of industries (beside being underwriters, insurers are also major investors Dlugolecki et al., 1995 CII, 2001 Vellinga and Mills, 2001 United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative UNEPFI , 2002 Dlugolecki and Loster, 2003 Dlugolecki and Lafeld, 2005 Mills et al., 2005). Insurers' willingness to support the development of new energy technologies can be crucial. Without insurance, project developers and manufacturers cannot raise capital on standard terms. For their part, insurers find that the risks of untried technologies can be very difficult to assess, with a consequent increase in uncertainty (and cost) for underwriters and claims adjusters also (Dahlstrom et al., 2003). These factors are exacerbated in a rapidly...

Poking and Prodding

Nearly fifteen years after those six visionary architects and their colleagues got together in California to talk about sprawl, New Urbanism is no longer a band of rebels but a mature and established institution. The movement's principles are embedded in both the planning profession and big swaths of the real estate development industry. Its members half-jokingly refer to it as a cult they call each other new urbanistas on email listserves and trade information on job opportunities in places where New Urbanism has been accepted. The movement is big enough now to have sprouted branches called Latino New Urbanism and the Congress for European Urbanism. They're on their fourteenth annual meeting or congress. They come from all sides newspaper critics making a name for themselves skeptics in academia like Witold Rybczynski at the University of Pennsylvania, who throughout the movement's rise could be relied on for a contrary perspective liberals worried about affordable housing and racial...


In 2005 I visited Atlantic Station, a 3 billion real estate development in the mid-town area of Atlanta, on 138 acres at the site of the former Atlantic Steel manufacturing plant. The residual contamination had been cleaned up and in its place was a thriving urban village of homes, shops and offices. The developers took a green approach to the overall development, starting with site remediation, and the value of the real estate was many times what it had been.15 At this project, the 171-17A Street office tower received a LEED for Core and Shell certification at the Silver level, the first such designation for a high-rise building in the country. For the

Unbridled Enthusiasm

David Gottfried was a successful young property developer in Washington, DC, when he got the urge to found the US Green Building Council in 1993. He later founded the World Green Building Council in 1999, which now numbers ten member countries, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, United Kingdom, Mexico, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. David's enthusiasm for green buildings is infectious as a result of his leadership acumen, persuasive skills and incredible drive, the USGBC is now the most dramatic force for change that the building industry has seen in decades.

List of Contributors

Olatoye Ojo has published several articles in reputable national and international journals in the areas of housing, housing finance, property development and management and investment analysis. He has attended many national and international conferences and has presented papers in such fora.

Mixeduse development

Mixed-use projects encompass real estate developments with planned integration of some combination of retail, office, residential, hotel, recreation or other functions. A 2006 survey sponsored by four real estate development organizations found that more than 25 percent of members' business was already in mixed-use projects, with 35 percent saying that it accounted for more than half their business.15 Clearly, multiple-use projects are an important component of today's business environment. For developers, mixed-use development almost always emphasizes pedestrian-oriented designs, combines elements of a live-work-play environment and maximizes space utilization. It often features such amenities as parks and other forms of open space, has significant architectural expression and reduces traffic congestion.

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