Financial risks

With the exception of the PAFC, fuel cells are unproven commercially. The PAFC cell has been tested in a commercial environment and has generally proved reliable. Where cost is not an overriding factor, but low environmental impact is important, then the PAFC offers a proven technology. However it is expensive (see below).

The other three technologies discussed in detail above are all unproven commercially. While demonstration projects have shown that all three technologies are viable, long-term operational experience is lacking. This should become available during incoming years so that by the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century there should be a good body of operational experience. Until that experience is available, all three technologies should be considered medium to high risk.

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

The solar Stirling engine is progressively becoming a viable alternative to solar panels for its higher efficiency. Stirling engines might be the best way to harvest the power provided by the sun. This is an easy-to-understand explanation of how Stirling engines work, the different types, and why they are more efficient than steam engines.

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