End notes

1 Heat can also be used to drive chillers and cooling systems. These are not considered separately here.

2 Combined Heat and Power in Britain, Stewart Russell in The Combined Generation of Heat and Power in Great Britain and the Netherlands: Histories of Success and Failure R1994: 29 (Stockholm: NUTEK, 1994).

3 Applications of this type are frequently designated co-generation rather than CHP. However the underlying premise is identical.

4 Review of CHP predictions to 2010, Ilex Energy Consulting, 2003.

5 US Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Outlook, 2003.

6 Review of Combined Heat and Power Technologies, California Energy Commission, 1999.

7 Combined Cooling, Heat and Power Technology Overview, Keith Davidson, 2002 Energy Workshop and Exposition Hot Challenges, Cool Solutions Palm Springs, California (June 2002).

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