Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation One Key to Understand the Response of Temperate Grassland Ecosystems to Elevated C

Ueli A. Hartwig, Silvia Zanetti, Thomas Hebeisen, Andreas Lüscher, Marco Frehner, Bernt Fischer, Chris Van Kessel, George R. Hendrey, Herbert Blum, and Josef Nösberger

I. Introduction 253

II. The Symbiotic N2 Fixation: A Highly Flexible Way to Assimilate Nitrogen 254

III. The Link between Plant Growth, Nitrogen Assimilation, and N2 Fixation 255

IV. The Link between Elevated C02 and N Availability in the Soil 255

V. The Response of Symbiotic N2 Fixation to Elevated C02 in the Field: A Response to Both Increased Legume N Demand and Increased Strength of the Ecosystem N Sink? 258

VI. Model and Conclusion 259 VII. Summary 260 References 261

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